[The Future is Clear] Transparent OLED Creates New Atmosphere of Transformation and Mobility

With its thin and lightweight attributes and high transparency, Transparent OLED creates an entirely new spatial atmosphere and interior solution in harmony with the environment to provide an unprecedented experience. The Transparent OLED Exhibition, which shows the infinite and expansive potential of the technology, debuted at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul, South Korea. The Exhibition offers the opportunity to experience Transparent OLED in a variety of unique scenes with five key themes: Mobility, Workplace, Culture & Entertainment, Retail, and Home.

Let’s dive into the future where Transparent OLEDs will soon change all of our lifestyles!

Transparent OLED provides revolutionary customer experience

Providing a revolutionary customer experience in a variety of everyday spaces, the next-generation Transparent OLED display fundamentally enhances the basic quality of space. With a thickness of 1.7mm and a transparency of 40%, it is suitable to replace existing glass panels. It can redefine space with its slim design as a next-generation display that increases the essential value of spaces no matter the industry. Transparent OLED also isn’t limited to replacing flat glass, but is flexible enough to replace curved glass installations as well. In fact, that is one of the major features of this exhibition — LG Display, the only company in the world that produces Transparent OLEDs, is introducing curved Transparent OLEDs at this exhibition. All types of form factors of Transparent OLED for many different solutions can be seen.

Transformation Zone

In the Transformation Zone, the first stop of the exhibition, you can experience the future innovations that Transparent OLEDs will bring in six images through T-Console and T-Transformer. In particular, the touch function of T-Console, a curved Transparent OLED solution, controls the large T-Transformer installed on the wall, making you feel like you’re in a science fiction movie.

The T-Console and T-Transformer provide a breathtaking visual experience.gif

Mobility Zone

The Mobility Zone, which realizes a futuristic subway, shows passengers how Transparent OLEDs can transform the glass used in subway windows, screen doors and information counters, which were previously information-free or, at best, displayed static text.

T-Screen Door

The T-Screen Door displays various types of information on a subway platform.gif

The T-Screen Door, a subway platform screen door concept, uses Transparent OLEDs for its doors and side windows, enhancing passenger convenience and expediting information delivery. Any glass used in platform doors can be transformed into something that grabs the attention of waiting passengers by displaying useful, real-time information like route maps and seat congestion estimates on Transparent OLED screens. Video ads can even be shown on the glass surfaces.


The T-Subway with Transparent OLED panels shows an overlay of different types of information such as route maps and local weather.

The T-Subway can provide passengers with information, advertisements, and entertainment videos from all over the city, achieving strong advertising effects. The T-Subway windows, which boast strong durability even during extreme conditions like cabin/outdoor humidity, shock, and the vibrations of fast-moving trains, are currently being used along 18 routes in 12 cities in China.

Info T-Counter

The Info T-Counter displays route maps, ticket purchases, and advertisements.gif

The Info T-Counter, an information counter concept that facilitates consultations with subway guides, can be used as a video advertisement medium on some of its surface areas and leave other parts blank through which to speak with the attendant behind the display. It can also serve as a smart counter that displays subway maps and ticket and facility information.

The Transparent OLED solutions displayed in the Mobility Zone could also be used in aviation, automobiles, and shipping. Furthermore, we will see how Transparent OLED creates a space that is easy for both work and rest as a smart interior material. The next project will cover the Workplace and Home Zone, which shows a future of office space and home interiors.

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