[The Future is Clear] Transparent OLED Solutions Enhance Work and Home Space

The Transparent OLED exhibition, held for the first time in Korea at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, shows the infinite and expansive potential of Transparent OLEDs in various unique scenes built with five key themes: Mobility, Workplace, Culture & Entertainment, Retail, and Home.

Let’s take a closer look at what products can transform our workplaces and home spaces, the most important parts of our daily lives.

Workplace Zone

The Workplace Zone shows that Transparent OLED is a smart interior material to create smart and flexible office spaces suitable for the rapidly changing future work environment of telecommuting and hybrid work. The remarkable thinness, slim bezels, and high transparency of Transparent OLED allow it to be seamlessly incorporated into any type of office space.

See how Transparent OLED can create a new futuristic office space by taking on various roles as partitions, meeting room walls, and other places.


Caelum, a combination of Transparent OLED and desk partition, makes an office space feel more open. Since the partition is transparent thanks to Transparent OLED, you can stay connected to the surrounding environment while you work and see both what is being displayed on the screen and what is behind it at the same time. This is a new interior design option that has never existed before! This Caelum design can improve the space efficiency of your desk by serving as a Transparent OLED monitor, freeing up space that would otherwise be used for computer equipment.


The E-Crystal represents the innovative changes that Transparent OLEDs bring to office spaces. By replacing a glass partition with Transparent OLED, it can serve as both a partition and a screen at the same time. It can also replace existing TVs and monitors with the unmatched transparency and clarity that only Transparent OLEDs have. Presentations can be displayed on a large, 2×3 panel screen, and it can also be made opaque to be used as a blind in privacy mode.

Home Zone

The Home Zone presents what Transparent OLED can do to create a more sophisticated home. With high transparency, Transparent OLED can break down the boundaries between interior elements, blend naturally with any atmosphere to enhance the aesthetics of the space, and provide a more convenient experience by playing the role of a smart device.

Smart T-Partition

The Smart T-Partition can be used as a gallery to play IoT wall pads or media content.gif

The Smart T-Partition is a combination of Transparent OLED and home pad to create a more open interior. Unlike conventional home pads, which only show black screens when not in use, it can be used as an art gallery that displays media art, videos, and famous paintings. When used, it is transformed into a control pad that can obtain information such as time, weather, and power usage, or smartly control multiple devices, providing flexible utilization. We complete a new premium lifestyle by applying IoT functions through a touchable screen as well as open space design!


The T-Shelf won the “Red Dot Award 2022” in the design concept category.

The T-Shelf realizes a TV concept that maximizes the properties of Transparent OLED, and its simple yet beautiful design stands out. The T-Shelf, which won the Red Dot Award 2022 for its eye-catching appearance, can be used as an interior piece for transparent wall clocks, subtle mood lighting, and art galleries. It can also be turned into a TV by lowering a black backdrop behind the screen, and provide vivid and crisp images for viewers that OLED can realize.

So far, we’ve looked at the daily lives of Workplace and Home that are becoming rich with Transparent OLED. Next, let’s take a look at the differentiated exhibition spaces and stores, Culture & Entertainment, and Retail Zone, which are unique to Transparent OLEDs.

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