[The Future is Clear] Culture, Entertainment and Retail Taken to New Levels with Transparent OLED

The Transparent OLED exhibition, held for the first time in Korea at the Sejong Museum of Art, shows the infinite and expansive potential of Transparent OLEDs in various unique scenes built with five key themes: Mobility, Workplace, Culture & Entertainment, Retail, and Home.

Let’s discover how the Culture & Entertainment and Retail industries, which give us a fun viewing and consumption experiences, can be taken to new levels when they meet Transparent OLEDs!

Culture & Entertainment

The Culture & Entertainment Zone shows how Transparent OLED can offer an innovative and interactive experience through an overlay of Transparent OLED and OLED screen, suggesting a vivid and immersive future for cultural life. We can explore the Zone, a realistic museum installation featuring the journey to find the mystery of the long-dead Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.


When you enter the Culture & Entertainment Zone, the first thing you can see is the T-Reception area. With Transparent OLED accents and enhancements, this reception area welcomes customers with a luxurious appearance to museum, airport, hospital, hotel, or anywhere reception is essential. It can also be used practically by conveniently displaying information such as operating hours and promotional videos on its Transparent OLED displays.

The Art Wall in front of T-Reception is 5 meters wide. The video of Egypt’s past and future on the Art Wall enhances your experience of the mystery and grandeur of Tutankhamun. As such, the Art Wall re-creates space as a scene of vivid, high-tech art. In addition, unlike traditional displays, Transparent OLEDs can harmonize with any wall interior while also playing showroom guidance or related videos on the screen, making it a smart multi-screen installation.

Sliding T-Docent & Magic T-Walk

The Sliding T-Docent allows displaying information over artifacts via a Transparent OLED passing over it, like with this mural.gif

The Sliding T-Docent, a Transparent OLED overlaid on an ancient Egyptian mural, is motorized and slowly passes over the mural, decoding the hieroglyphics to reveal their hidden meaning. With the aid of this Transparent OLED T-Docent, anyone can easily understand the mural that was once a mystery to most people.

The Magic T-Walk combines history, art, and technology to give an immersive experience.gif

Next, the hidden relics of Tutankhamun are revealed under our footsteps. The Magic T-Walk, which consists of several Transparent OLEDs, realistically embodies a scene of desert sand rushing like a storm, creating an atmosphere as if you have arrived in ancient Egypt. The background and artifacts on the Transparent OLED are depicted realistically as if they were unfolding in front of your eyes.

Touch T-Story

The case surrounding the exhibit in the picture above is not glass, but Transparent OLED. The Touch T-Story is an experiential display that allows you to create new content while touching it directly by overlapping graphic effects on the exhibits. With this setup, you can complete the mask by touching and moving the gold pieces scattered over Tutankhamun’s face. This is a new experience for anyone at a museum.

Retail Zone

The Retail Zone demonstrates the potential of Transparent OLEDs to provide a unique shopping experience. We invite you to the Retail Zone, full of shopping entertainment, which enhances the fun of shopping with a variety of Transparent OLED solutions that blend seamlessly with the products on display and the atmosphere of the store!


The futuristic T-Façade show, where the display can be a spectacular media art, catches your eye at the entrance to the Retail Zone. A show window, which previously could only serve as a product showcase area, can now become much more dramatic and turn the showroom into a next-level attractive space.


The T-Highlighter, which is suitable for promoting new products or signature products, intuitively shows you the actual product and recommended style for purchase. It’s easy to get the most essential information and lots of help without staff.

Metaverse Showcase

The Metaverse Showcase offers a smart, exciting shopping experience with Transparent OLED and metaverse integration. The outfit can be worn on the avatar showed on the Transparent OLED screen, so you can check in advance which outfit, atmosphere, and color go best with you. With the Metaverse Showcase, you can save the time it takes to think about what matches you the best.

Custom Showcase

If you dream of becoming a shopping facilitator that can create customized products for your personal preferences, the Custom Showcase should be the answer. While looking at the products displayed under the Transparent OLED, you can create unique jewelry for yourself by selecting various options such as chain, color, and pendant with simple touches.

T-Menu & F&B Showcase

The T-Menu is pictured above and the F&B Showcase on the shelves.gif

The Transparent OLED solutions will enhance the dignity of cafes and restaurants full of colorful desserts and foods. Unlike regular information boards, the T-Menu has glass-like transparency that not only integrates with any space but also provides a sense of openness, while the Transparent OLED and the surrounding interior are in harmony.

The F&B Showcase, the world’s first concept product with curved Transparent OLED, show various graphics and phrases on the screen to make it easy to understand the ingredients of what you want to order while you order it with just a touch.

LG Display shows the potential and scalability of Transparent OLEDs from Mobility to Workplace, Home, Culture & Entertainment, and Retail through the exhibition. New and innovative products that make our lives better are the result of the development of Transparent OLED, of which this exhibition showcases many. Look forward to further LG Display OLED innovations that will create new solutions for better lives!

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