LG Display Nurturing Greener Tomorrow with
“Product Carbon Footprint Certification”

LG Display has set a new standard for display companies with another groundbreaking environmental milestone, having recently earned the ‘Product Carbon Footprint Certification’ from the Carbon Trust! As a globally recognized organization on a mission to combat climate change, the Carbon Trust focuses on reducing carbon emissions in part through the establishing of a world-renowned certification system. LG Display is at the forefront of this movement, with its 65-inch OLED panel earning top honors.

What does the ‘Product Carbon Footprint Certification’ tell us?

To attain the ‘Product Carbon Footprint Certification’, a product should get through an evaluation process with a strong focus on a product’s overall environmental impact. LG Display’s 65-inch OLED panel received the ‘Product Carbon Footprint Certification’ by adhering to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated during the entire product lifecycle allowed by the globally recognized carbon neutral standard, PAS 2050.

LG Display OLED commended for its eco-excellence!

LG Display is not only reducing its carbon footprint, but also slashing its plastic usage while boosting recycling rates to make its OLED panels the only truly eco-friendly TV screen available today. A shining example of sustainability, unlike LCD, OLED eliminates the need for backlights which reduces plastic use by a whopping 90%. The company’s cutting-edge self-emissive panels also incorporate reusable iron metal and recycled materials, boasting a highly impressive 92.7% recycling rate. And this isn’t the first stamp of approval it has received from an environmental point of view, with the company’s OLED panels having already earned eco-friendly certification from a Swiss inspection institution for outstanding performance across four categories: Recycling, Hazardous Substances, Resource and Energy Efficiency.

More on LG Display’s green management activities

LG Display went above and beyond to secure the Carbon Trust’s most sought-after certification!  Now the company effectively regulates and reduces energy consumption and harmful substances while boosting the use of recycled materials. But that’s not all, as the development of recyclable OLED panel packaging materials takes the company’s eco-friendliness efforts to new heights, reducing packaging waste to achieve a much smaller footprint.

LG Display emphasizes environmental sustainability, making it a top priority in its management strategy. This is demonstrated through its various green commitments which include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, utilizing renewable energy sources and advancing eco-friendly technologies to name a few. As a pioneering display maker, LG Display will carry on its dedication to minimizing the environmental footprint in earnest with the goal of promoting sustainable living and a thriving planet.

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