Your Next Car May Come With ‘Invisible Speakers’– Small, Hidden, Yet Powerful

LG Display’s ‘Thin Actuator Sound Solution’ has been receiving a ton of media attention, and it’s no surprise why. A passport sized-car speaker lighter than the egg you ate for breakfast that has the thickness of two coins stacked together – and has the ability to turn your car dashboard into speakers? It’s bound to turn some heads. 

The Thin Actuator Sound Solution has also received the CES® 2023 Innovation Award (‘In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety’ category) from the Consumer Technology Association in recognition of its space efficiency, design innovation, sound experience innovation, and eco-friendliness – which according to PC Mag is boosting expectations for the upcoming event.

Let’s take a better look at what makes this solution special to enthusiasts across tech, audio, and auto industries.

“They take up less space without compromising sound quality”

Thin Actuator Sound Solution wins CES 2023 Innovation Award (Source: CES)

If you drive a car, you know spatial efficiency isn’t something that can be overlooked. Because the speaker is so small and thin, it has the advantage of being placed wherever the driver wants so that every passenger has the optimal audio experience – no matter where they’re sitting. And that’s also where the ‘invisible’ factor comes in. Say goodbye to bulky speakers that take up your car space and turn your “car dashboard and headrests into speakers.” 

Even Engadget agrees that “car interiors are a new application that comes with appreciable benefits.” And they’re right – the Thin Actuator Sound Solution is definitely capable of bringing these benefits to the table. By eliminating the chunky in-car speakers, it gives the driver more flexibility to play with the car interior space. 

New space-saving tech could fill your car with surround sound

Source: TechRadar, Digital Trends

“With the advent of ‘Sound Solutions for Vehicles’, bulky car speakers and speaker grills could come to be remembered as parts of the past (Bulky car speakers and speaker grills if LG’s new Thin Actuator Sound Solution technology takes off).”ABC, NBC, FOX 

Meanwhile, TechRadar commented how this “new development from LG Display indicates we’re heading into a new era of how we’ll be able to consume audio,” – and this is correct. LG Display has stopped being a company that just makes TV displays a long time ago. It’s changing the way we watch, play, listen – a.k.a the way we consume content.  

The tech media also commented how its spatial efficiency has the potential to create room for “an increased amount of speakers that could be liberally positioned around vehicle interiors and open up some interesting multi-speaker support for spatial audio.” 

One thing’s for sure – the Thin Actuator Sound Solution is well on its way to pave the pathway for a new and different car audio experience that meets the needs of the modern consumers of tomorrow. 

LG’s new speakers could be vital for electric vehicles 

On another note, in-car sound solutions have massive potential in the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry. “LG’s new speakers could be vital for electric vehicles,” Teslarati commented. “For automobile manufacturers who are expanding indoor space and pushing electric vehicles to be lighter, the ‘vehicle sound solution’ can only be attractive.” 

The auto outlet also praised the device’s ability to remove speaker grills, remarking how it allows automotive designers to “continue to make EVs with more innovative and beautiful interiors.” 

LG Display is able to transform the average car speaker into a high-quality sound solution that is so small that it’s able to be installed throughout the car – but also provides rich, immersive sound.

It’s only been a couple weeks and the world is showing great interest in the Thin Actuator Sound Solution – a speaker that defies expectations. But we’ve only given a taste of what it really is – you’ll need to check it out yourself to see the real thing.

See you at CES!

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