LG Display’s ESG performance scores top global ratings

With environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors becoming more relevant as day passes, it’s more important for companies to take on leadership roles. The MSCI ESG ratings are the best and easiest way to find out which companies are leading ESG Management, and the latest scores published in August 2022 put LG Display in its top-tier of leaders, receiving an AA grade for the two consecutive year. Let’s examine the global recognition LG Display has been receiving for its ESG excellence.

The global standard for ESG ratings, ‘MSCI ESG’

Leading U.S. investment bank, MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International), not only provides global stock indexes and portfolio risk and performance analytics to aid investment decisions, it also hands out ESG ratings to companies based on sustainability reports, ESG performance indicators and more. The MSCI ESG evaluation index is trusted and respected by investors and experts as much as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), according to a 2020 ‘Rate the Raters’ report, an internationally renowned sustainability rating platform.

An impressive AA rating for 2 years running

LG Display’s AA rating places the company among the ESG leaders group in the industry

MSCI’s ESG ratings are measured across 7 levels and LG Display has received a high rating of AA for two consecutive years. This signifies its top ESG presence among display manufactures worldwide, with only the top 13% receiving AAA~AA ratings recognized as ‘ESG Leaders.’ The company scored highest in ‘Chemical Safety’ and ‘Controversial Sourcing,’ which is not so surprising considering the company went as far as forming a specialized environmental organization to reduce its environmental impact.

Another ESG milestone with the ‘EcoVadis Gold medal’

EcoVadis’ ESG rating GOLD certificate awarded to LG Display

LG Display’s ESG management also received a top rating from EcoVadis, a provider of business sustainability ratings having rated over 75,000 companies in 160 countries since 2007. EcoVadis ratings play an important role for many global organizations when deciding which companies to welcome into their supply chain. By obtaining the gold-standard of ratings, companies like LG Display improve their market position, reputation and competitiveness on a global scale.

The outstanding global ESG ratings LG Display has achieved suggests the journey it embarked on years ago to bring greater value to society through sustainable management is already bearing fruit. Stay tuned to the newsroom for updates on ESG and the positive impact this movement is having on the world! To learn more, take a look at LG Display’s 2021-2022 Sustainability Report.

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