What LG Display OLED’s Perfect Black Means for Your Viewing Experience

Consumers today are increasingly getting greater access to 4K and 8K content thanks to OTT and streaming services – which means they’re not only hungry for quality entertainment, but outstanding picture quality too. Whether it’s your sister’s favorite superhero movie or dad’s all-important football game, the family TV’s picture quality can either make or break your viewing experience.

Color expression and picture quality are highly determined by the display’s contrast ratio, a measure of how well it produces light to create the brightest and darkest colors. The more intense the black is, the higher the contrast ratio – and ultimately color expression and image quality. So, to break it down, a display’s black level plays a critical role for your viewing experience.

LG Display’s OLED panels have been recognized as the only TV/monitor display capable of achieving perfect black levels in any environment, by none other than the world’s most prestigious safety science company, UL Solutions. Why is this important?

The Industry’s First ‘Perfect Black’ Verification

LG Display’s OLED is proven to be the only panel to deliver perfect black levels by UL Solutions

UL Solutions assessed the black levels of various displays in two environments – an absolute black darkroom and an illuminated environment of 500lux (which is similar to the brightness experience in a living room in broad daylight). To be recognized as boasting the same black level as the darkroom, a display’s black level had to hit less than 0.24 nit at an illumination level of 500lux. UL Solutions is a world-renowned global independent safety science company that tests components and products in order to set industry-wide standards.

According to the test results, LG Display’s deuterium-based OLED panels were shown to deliver black levels of 0.15 nit. By achieving a black level that is around 40% lower than standard ‘Perfect Black’ criteria of 0.24 nit, LG Display’s OLED was successfully able to become the first existing panel to receive the ‘Perfect Black’ verification.

Perfect Black Levels

LCD vs. OLED (Source: OLED Space)

So why is LG Display’s OLED the only display to achieve ‘Perfect Black?’ Most displays currently on the market come with a backlight, making them prone to light leakage and color damage from the external light and distortion between pixels.

Unlike other displays, OLED lacks a backlight – which makes it self-emissive. With each individual self-emissive pixel being controlled independently, its OLED panels minimize light leakage and external light reflections by turning off pixels for the perfect black and infinite contrast, which helps to create lifelike image quality without any distortion or exaggeration.

A Display that Promises Quality and Performance

LG Display OLED TV display’s ‘Accurate Picture Quality’ certification

LG Display’s OLED panels are famous for accurately expressing true images in terms of brightness, chroma and color chromaticity, and are backed by reputable British testing and certifications company Intertek who gave them its ‘100% Color Fidelity’ certification back in 2020.

Boasting ‘Perfect Black’ levels that set it apart from other displays, OLED is the key to unlocking magical viewing experiences in the comfort of your living room.

Although LG Display has achieved such a prestigious certification, the goal doesn’t change as it always strives to ensure that OLED continues to raise the bar for the TV industry.

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