LG Display Makes a Splash at OIF 2022, Wowing Las Vegas with Limitless Transparent OLED Innovation

Want to see the latest cutting-edge technology from LG Display? The Open Innovation Forum (OIF) is the place to be! Unlike the last OIFs that were all held in Korea, the third OIF event was held in Las Vegas, marking its first global debut. OIF invites major global customers to introduce LG Display’s wide range of innovative technology – including of course its iconic Transparent OLED-based solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the eye-catching OLED products that were shown off at this year’s event!

Lifestyle centered on Transparent OLED

An LG Display employee welcomes this year’s visitors

The annual forum had its first event back in 2020, and has since become one of LG Display’s most important main events, held for the purpose of discovering new business and collaboration opportunities with other industries. OIF 2022 intends to present a new lifestyle that transcends the boundaries between displays and daily life as well as the limitations of space. This event was also significant in that it marked the first time the company showcased its Transparent OLED collaboration projects with local/global partners and startups.

Transparent OLED PoC Zone

Transparent Gallery: Transparent OLED meets touch technology

Let’s check out the Transparent OLED Proof of Concept (PoC) Zone near the entrance of the exhibition hall, where LG Display turned heads with a variety of different Transparent OLED solutions. Above all, what stands out is the Transparent Gallery, which was unveiled for the first time at OIF 2022. The versatile display combines interactive touch functions to a Transparent OLED, allowing the gallery to play all kinds of IoT and media content. In addition, a Transparent Showcase to upgrade the shopping experience, a Transparent Show Window, and a Transparent OLED for railways to replace subway windows are all on display. At the forum, LG Display demonstrated the unique values of Transparent OLEDs through these customized solutions that can easily be implemented in various industries.

Collaboration PoC Zone

(Top left) T-OLED Partition / (Top right) T-OLED for Conference Room (Bottom left) Transparent Wall Skin / (Bottom right) Art Canvas

After passing through the Transparent OLED PoC Zone, the visitors were led to the Collaboration PoC Zone. Here LG Display introduced, for the very first time, OLED solutions created in collaboration with both local and global customers in addition to startups across various industries such as construction, interior, and art.

The Transparent OLED Partition combines OLED with M923., which was designed by Gensler, the world’s largest architectural design company. Aside from conventional partition functions, the Partition can be used for video conferences or presentations. When the screen is turned off, the glass-like transparency provides a sense of openness. Meanwhile, the Transparent OLED for Conference Rooms, created in collaboration with domestic company EXA E&C, is a Transparent OLED built into an office wall. It creates a smart environment where users can conveniently use the walls as displays.

In addition, three other displays are drawing attention: the Transparent Wall Skin produced by promising startup DAIER, Art Canvas and Objet Showcase created in collaboration with creative startup iLab Media. The Transparent Wall Skin attaches Transparent OLED-equipped glass to a wall, with its easy installation process being its main advantage point. The Art Canvas leverages OLED technology to richly express the colors of the original work just as the artist intended, and the Objet Showcase maximizes the holographic effect of digital art by placing a regular OLED behind a transparent one.

OLED Lifestyle Zone

(Left) Media Chair / (Right) Virtual Ride

And to wrap up the virtual photo tour is our last zone – the OLED Lifestyle Zone, where the company showed off how OLED technology can be integrated into our ordinary everyday lives. The Media Chair and Virtual Ride – which received an explosive amount of attention at CES 2022 – made an appearance. The Media Chair is a recliner with a curved OLED that can rotate 90 degrees, allowing users to relax at a comfortable position while enjoying highly immersive content. The Virtual Ride is a new stationary bicycle concept that provides a simulation of an actual bike ride played out on three curved OLEDs that stretch from the floor to the ceiling.

Visitors enjoy LG Display’s OLED technology at OIF 2022

LG Display is traveling around the world to show off its OLED technology and pursue new opportunities to cooperate with other businesses and industries – and it’s not finished yet! We’ll be back soon with more never-before-seen OLED products, so stay tuned!

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