Bright Screens that Go Easy on Your Eyes! LG Display’s Low Blue Light OLED Redefines Eye Comfort

Over the past two decades, we’ve witnessed an unprecedented surge in screen time with people now spending on average 13 hours a day glued to a screen, as reported by Eyesafe®. But with this long screen time has come more complaints of eye discomfort and vision problems, as the blue light emitted by displays can negatively affect eye health and sleep quality if not kept in check, especially for students and professionals who use them all day long. Based on research findings from the American Academy of Ophthalmology indicating that the number of people experiencing vision issues will increase by at least 150 percent in the next 30 years, it is crucial for us to prioritize our eye health. This begins with protecting our eyes from the screens we use the most – smartphones, TVs, and computers.

With an unwavering commitment to users’ well-being, LG Display is currently at the forefront of pioneering displays that prioritize eye health. Let’s delve into LG Display’s efforts in creating OLED displays that promote both eye safety and a joyful lifestyle.

2023 Eyesafe® Roundtable, elevating the importance of Eye Health

To demonstrate its commitment to enhancing eye health, LG Display attended the 2023 Eyesafe® Roundtable forum with other like-minded organizations, such as Eyesafe, the Vision Health Advisory Board, and AMD, to raise people’s awareness of the risks of not protecting their eyes.

LG Display’s Marketing Operations Division Leader, Min-kyu Jin, said, “As we understand the importance of eye health, LG Display has been continuously developing and promoting products that prioritize customer’s well-being and health.” This commitment extends beyond protection against blue light, with other technologies enabling the flicker-free and low-reflection screens that put the audience’s vision first.

“Eye health has become a key aspect in the gaming market, and LG Display’s OLED technology is recognized by gamers as the only high-performance display that meets their gaming experience and eye health needs,” emphasized the company’s Solution CX Product Planning Division Leader, SangHoon Lee.

LG Display OLED safeguarding eye comfort with the lowest blue light emissions

LG Display’s unparalleled OLED technology is paving the way for better eye health. As part of its efforts, the company has earned various certifications and acknowledgments for prioritizing the user’s health, including “Eye Comfort Display (OLED) – Low Blue Light, Flicker Free” certification from TÜV Rheinland, the distinguished “Flicker Free Display (OLED)” Verified Mark, and the prestigious ‘Discomfort Glare Free’ verification from UL, a world-leading safety science company. This high level of recognition highlights LG Display’s proactive approach to delivering displays engineered with the well-being of users in mind. By simply using an LG Display OLED display, users can enjoy a more comfortable and visually pleasing experience for longer.

LG Display achieves ‘Circadian Friendly’ Certification to promote healthy biological rhythms

Due to the potential disruption of melatonin secretion and disturbances in our circadian rhythm caused by prolonged exposure to blue light, LG Display places great importance on the development of circadian-friendly display technologies. With LG Display’s OLED panels, we can now enjoy watching TV before sleep without disrupting our circadian rhythm and compromising our eye health.

In June, LG Display’s OLED TV and monitor panels were awarded the ‘Circadian Friendly Level (CFL) 1,’ making it the first in the industry to receive this recognition for its minimal impact on viewers’ biological clocks. Standardization Task Leader, JangJin Yoo, stated during the 2023 Eyesafe® Roundtable forum that, “LG Display is dedicated to surpassing eye health excellence and is continuously striving to develop safe and user-friendly products.”

Source: Eyesafe®

In a world where digital screens are an integral part of everyday life, safeguarding our eyes has become essential. Let’s embrace the importance of eye health and make conscious choices to protect our vision, as LG Display leads the way forward with advancements that enable a healthier and visually comfortable digital future.

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