Top 5 creative designs chosen from the 2nd OLEDs Go! competition

The waiting is over! The best designs of the second OLEDs Go! competition are finally being revealed to the world. But first, a little background: In 2020, LG Display teamed up with British design magazine Dezeen to create a contest to help uncover the creative, innovative design ideas that explore the endless possibilities of OLED displays. The 2022 contest was even more successful, receiving 300 submissions from top designers around the globe. The finalists were scored on their design, utility and ability to enrich daily lifestyles in line with this year’s theme of ‘OLED displays that provide new experiences and enhance people’s changing lifestyles.’

But that’s more than enough waiting – the time has come to unveil which outstanding designs made it into the top five, starting with our grand winner…

First Place – ‘Caelum’

First place, ‘Caelum’ integrates a Transparent OLED screen into a desk

The winning design of this year’s extremely competitive OLEDs Go! challenge is ‘Caelum’ by incredible Turkish designer, Cagatay Afsar. This one-of-a-kind design presents a new way of living in the post-pandemic era by incorporating a 27-inch Transparent OLED display into a desk’s front divider. Since many of us now spend significantly more time working from home, the desk plays an even more crucial role in daily life. And with the new-form desk utilizing a Transparent OLED display, they can still stay connected with the people around them while enjoying the room’s interior. The OLED screen is perfect for heightening the ambience of a space as it can display a mood lamp to set the tone when not in use.

Second Place – ‘Tiny’

Second place, ‘Tiny’ is an all-in-one solution that integrates Rollable Display with a foldable desk

Second place was given to ‘Tiny’ which was designed by another talented Turkish designer, Damla Aras. This foldable desk equipped with retractable 32-inch Rollable OLED display was designed in response to the spatial challenges that come with working from home. Thanks to LG Display’s Rollable OLED technology, the design can be used in several forms. Simply adjust how much of the screen you want to see, and voila! You’ve got yourself a shelf, a desk and a display screen all in one. It even comes in various colors and finishes including fabric, wood and leather – there’s a design to suit every interior out there.

Third Place – ‘Vivid’

Third place, ‘Vivid’ can be used as digital whiteboards or interior decorations

In third, ‘Vivid’ by Studio WA+CH might be one of the most multifunctional designs of them all. Equipped with wheels, ‘Vivid’ can be easily moved around the home or office space for maximum convenience. When it’s time to get down to business, it utilizes the 55-inch vertical Transparent OLED display to transform into a digital whiteboard courtesy of its advanced touch technology, or even a video conferencing tool when you connect it to a camera. When the work is over, ‘Vivid’ can show decorations or turn on its transparent display mode to act as a room divider. With ‘Vivid,’ you gain so many opportunities to level up your lifestyle as it’s just as good for gaming, personal training, browsing social media and so much more!

Fourth Place – ‘Totem’

Fourth place, ‘Totem’ has a Rollable Display that retracts into a stylish freestanding speaker

In fourth place is ‘Totem’ by Studio Booboon of Tokyo. This eye-catching design leverages the flexible nature of LG Display’s Rollable OLED display to combine it with a stylish, modern standalone speaker. The display is customizable too, with horizontal, vertical, fully retracted and full display options to choose from, depending on what you’re using it for – whether its music, news, or even just checking the weather. In terms of content, the unique abilities and functions of ‘Totem’ make it the best large display for checking social media, screen mirroring to view standard media, or as a minimalistic standalone speaker that complements the décor. And with it resembling more of a futuristic speaker than a TV, it comes in various color palettes that blend seamlessly with today’s modern home furnishing trends.

Fifth Place – ‘Easel’

Fifth place, ‘Easel’ is a lightweight OLED display that can be moved around with ease

Rounding up the top five is ‘Easel’ by Seoul-based designers Hyeona Kim and WooSeok Lee. This masterpiece makes use of the thin and lightweight qualities of LG Display’s OLED to create an easily movable display. As its name suggests, ‘Easel’ can be easily folded and carried away like a wooden frame that holds delicate paintings so it can be used in all corners of the home. Moreover, its compact design also helps reduce clutter around the house to save valuable space. When it’s not being used, it can switch to transparent mode while the frame can be used as a hanging rack for magazines or accessories for a completely unique decorative piece.

The making of first place design ‘Caelum’

The numerous bright, inspiring and innovative ideas of this year’s OLEDs Go! competition have not only amazed us yet again, but also demonstrated the endless possibilities of OLED displays like never before. This year’s competition entries were assessed by a jury comprised of LG Display members as well as Phoenix Design, a German studio that is renowned as having won numerous top-notch awards across global design competitions such as the iF Design Award and Red Dot Award.

Make sure to stay tuned for the next exploration of OLED technology that could one day redefine your lifestyle and bring you the home you always dreamed.

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