LG Display takes a bakery into the future with Transparent OLED!

LG Display’s Transparent OLED has been installed in a new place. The company is collaborating with Paris Baguette, a Korea-based bakery brand, to introduce a futuristic bakery in Pangyo, a city with the nickname Silicon Valley of Korea. LG Display has installed a large number of Transparent OLEDs at the Lab of Paris Baguette, a flagship store with the concept of a next-generation research institute where new bakery products and services can be tested first. Equipped with a total of 38 Transparent OLED displays being used to create several types of giant digital signage, the largest number ever at a single site, the state-of-the-art bakery will provide people with a new shopping experience.

Key Point #1. Store sign

LG Display’s Transparent OLED maximizes the advantages of OLED – a self-emissive display that doesn’t require a backlight. It’s transparent enough to replace existing windows, and it is thin, light and vivid. As we enter the bakery, a large-size Transparent OLED sign made up of six horizontally connected Transparent OLEDs catches the eye. Compared to the usual neon signs, it shows off a fancier and more sophisticated design. In addition to the basic functions of representing products in sales, store names, etc., additional content can be provided on the Transparent OLED screen together to provide more information and images, thereby improving the mood of the place.

Key Point #2. Transparent OLED Partition

The Transparent OLED Partition serves as a glass wall between the baking station and the store, so you can see the baking process through it and product advertisements on it at the same time. The lavish Transparent OLED can save space by showing two scenes at the same time and hype up the overall ambiance – making customers feel like they are living in the future. Unlike regular bakeries, where all information including seasonal promotions should be placed on the wall within the store, all information here is digitally shown on the Transparent OLED screen, creating a paperless space. Thus, an ordinary bakery is turned into a contemporary one by installing LG Display’s captivating Transparent OLED.

Key Point #3. Transparent Art Wall

Let’s move on to a place where we can enjoy bread and coffee. There are 22 Transparent OLEDs installed on the wall here. The 13.5m-long Transparent Art Wall not only provides various types of brand advertising, but also creates a luxurious atmosphere with high-tech and future-oriented elements. The texture of the wall itself and the Transparent OLED are in harmony, which doubles the aesthetic effect even when you aren’t looking at the screen. LG Display’s pioneering Transparent OLED turns a bakery wall into a stage for entertainment and promotion.

Key Point #4. Transparent OLED Signage

Transparent OLED Signage with two Transparent OLEDs horizontally combined is installed on the bread stand. Consumers can get a variety of information on this cutting-edge Transparent OLED Signage while picking bread, providing a smart customer experience. So, people won’t have to come up to the counter to ask about the ingredients or how the bread would taste, because every detail is shown on the Transparent OLED Signage right beside the bread.

Inside a futuristic bakery with LG Display’s Transparent OLED installed

LG Display, the one and only company that can mass-produce large-size Transparent OLEDs, has been supplying the product to various spaces such as shopping malls, museums, subways, and as digital art installations. The ultimate goal is to use transparent displays in areas where displays haven’t been used before. Stay tuned for our next journey, as we will come up with another surprise!

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