LG Display’s Futuristic OLED to Make Science Fiction a Reality!

Rise and shine! It’s a new day in a futuristic world where display technologies have transformed our daily lives into scenes straight out of a science fiction movie. Imagine waking up to the sight of the sun peeking through your bedroom window, and instead of turning over to check your phone, you simply gaze through your Transparent OLED window that doubles as a high-definition display presenting various information. As we move through the day, it becomes increasingly apparent just how much displays have changed our lives here and there. Let’s picture our future daily routine with high-tech panels that continue to make the impossible possible.

9 AM: Start your day right with state-of-the-art display technology  

55-inch Transparent OLED (left), 18-inch Slidable OLED (right)

As you start your day, you can choose between taking a self-driving car or the subway to work. If the former is more your style, getting to work becomes a fun, futuristic experience that realizes all your childhood dreams through the power of cutting-edge display technologies, which were previously only imaginable in sci-fi movies. Inside the cabin, you can lower the 18-inch Slidable OLED display from the ceiling to watch movies or catch up on work in ultimate luxury. Meanwhile, the 55-inch Transparent OLED applied to the windows allows you to take in stunning outside views while enjoying various content.

T-Screen Door (left), T-Subway (right)

If the subway is a more convenient option, you can encounter an equally exciting commute thanks to innovative display solutions such as T-Screen Door, T-Subway, and Info T-Counter. These displays replace traditional glass panels to create a dynamic and informative environment that takes you into a future once only depicted on the big screen. The Transparent OLED display technology offers all kinds of information and entertainment to make subway travel far more appealing, informative and enjoyable.

12 PM: Enjoy the workplace to the fullest with Transparent OLED


As you walk into the office, you’re greeted by Transparent OLED walls which can be used to host video conferences and presentations. Because the bezels on displays like E-Crystal and Caelum are so slim they’re hardly noticeable, which helps invent the most immersive, futuristic environment. The workday has never been more engaging and interactive, inspiring even more creativity and productivity at work.

Transparent OLED-based art, ’Transfiguration’ (left), ‘Alpha Beta’ (right)

While exploring during your lunch break, you come across a stunning art exhibit in the next building. The bright, colorful artwork immediately catches your attention, you’re drawn to the unique, fascinating way they’re presented. You step closer to one masterpiece and marvel at the way it seems to come alive and float in mid-air via Transparent OLED displays, like the ones from LG Display’s OLED ART WAVE exhibition and RCA collaboration. The combination of vibrant colors and transparent displays creates a mesmerizing experience that transports you to a world that strikes a perfect balance between art and technology. As you leave, you can’t help but feel inspired by the endless possibilities Transparent OLED brings to the next generation of artists.

5 PM: Experience innovative Transparent OLED at home and everywhere

T-Façade (Source: OLED SPACE)

On the way home, you decide to hit up a nearby shopping mall. You’re greeted by a stunning T-Façade display, a Transparent OLED screen that spans the entire length of the show window and showcases vivid, high-contrast visuals of its latest offerings. As you explore further, you run into the T-Highlighter, a Transparent OLED-based digital signage solution that intuitively features recommended products and styles. Its transparent nature lets it blend seamlessly into the environment as it expresses high-quality, dynamic visuals to bring shoppers a better, more enjoyable time. The Metaverse Showcase and Custom Showcase are just as impressive, featuring Transparent OLED displays that integrate the Metaverse experience and customizable functions for the most interactive shopping experience ever created.

Smart T-Partition (Source: OLED SPACE)

Upon arriving home, you use the Smart T-Partition, an innovative Transparent OLED-based home pad boasting an open-space design and touchscreen that lets you control your home’s lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems with ease. Additionally, Square and T-Shelf displays leverage exceptional transparency to deliver a wealth of information as beautiful additions to the interior design. The displays can show weather updates and news headlines or transform into a virtual aquarium or art exhibit, while harmonizing with the décor.

Transparent OLED TV Concept Square (left), T-Shelf (right)

The high level of transparency offered by OLED technology makes it particularly well-suited for a range of applications, from automotive displays to home entertainment systems and even art exhibits. Compared to conventional LCD displays, OLED technology maxes out at a significantly higher transparency level of 40%. This unique feature is revolutionizing the way we interact with displays, providing us with futuristic solutions that are quickly becoming an integral part of our daily lives.

LG Display constantly strives to innovate advanced display solutions that are unlike anything we’ve seen before. From Transparent OLED displays that seamlessly blend into our surroundings to advanced automotive displays that transform our cars into futuristic entertainment hubs, the possibilities are endless. As technology continues to evolve, it’s exciting to imagine what the future may hold. One thing is for sure: OLED technology is shaping our world in ways we couldn’t have even imagined before.

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