[DISPLAY 101] #10 Bezel


#10 Bezel

You can get a more immersive experience if you play a game on a display with a thin bezel.
Bezel: The border of a screen that does not display anything

The term “bezel” refers to the border of a screen where nothing is displayed. It can be seen on devices like smartphones and TVs. This border is necessary as part of the basic structural design of the display, because there are parts of the display that need to be present at that area.

Structure of a bezel

Seal: The material that joins the upper and lower parts of a panel

GIP Circuit: Technology to place the gate-driving circuit inside the panel when forming the TFT substrate

CLK: A circuit for sequentially driving the GIP circuit

PI: Organic film used to align liquid crystals in the desired direction within the cell

BM: A layer that blocks light from leaking out of the back of the display from the pixel transmission area

The next-generation OLED.EX display unveiled by LG Display at CES 2022

In recent years, competition to reduce the thickness of bezels is intensifying as the technology develops. The thinner the bezel, the more immersive it feels when watching movies or playing games, because the picture fills up the entire display. In addition, the overall mass of the display is reduced, making it lighter in weight and easier to move, and also improving the aesthetics.

LG Display has been working hard to develop thin bezels for its own technology. With the next-generation OLED.EX technology, which was unveiled at CES 2022, the bezels were reduced by 30%, and the design has been developed another step further. Through advanced OLED.EX technology, the bezel of the OLED panel has been reduced from the previous 6mm to 4mm for a 65-inch standard panel, providing an aesthetically superior design and a more immersive screen.

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