[Interview] OLED.EX takes display technology to the next level

LG Display unveiled OLED.EX, the next-generation TV display, at CES 2022. When introduced, it caught the eye of people all over the world. Jin Min-kyu, Head of Life Display Promotion Division at LG Display, who is behind the popularity of the OLED.EX, briefs us A to Z about OLED.EX, from its emergence to the future.

A huge fan of OLED and a “successful enthusiast”

Q: What are the notable advantages of OLED?

A: OLED is a perfect display technology to enjoy contents. It’s not just the internal reviews that give positive feedback, but the consumer ratings on Amazon are close to perfect. It has a score of 4.8 out of 5. It also has a number of objective indicators, such as being selected as the best TV by rating agencies. In addition, LG Display has innovations in various form factors such as transparent OLEDs, gaming displays, and bendable displays. If it is a product that our consumers are satisfied with, we are very proud of ourselves, and no further explanation is needed.

Delivering revolutionary technology through OLED.EX

Q: Earlier this year, LG Display introduced the next-gen OLED.EX display and received global attention. Tell us what OLED.EX is.

A: OLED.EX is the next-generation large-sized OLED panel released in 2022 by LG Display’s Large Display Business Unit. The “EX” in OLED.EX stands for Evolutionary eXperience. As the name expresses, it contains LG Display’s aspiration to provide customers with an “evolved experience” through “constantly evolving technology.”

OLED.EX is about 30% brighter than existing OLED TV panels and the bezels are 30% thinner. This innovation is thanks to the EX technology developed and rolled out by LG Display. First, by using heavy hydrogen (deuterium), the stability of the self-emissive device — the most important part to create OLED image quality, has improved. In addition, we implemented personalized algorithms that predict the usage of each device through machine learning.

In terms of panel size, various options can be offered. We provide a full line-up from 42 to 97 inches — 42 for customers who want small OLED TVs for games and 97 for those who want extra-large OLED TVs.

Q: OLED.EX is a display that has evolved to another level. What is the background of technological evolution from OLED to OLED.EX?

A: LG Display started the mass production of large-sized OLED panels in 2013 and has been improving its products through continuous development for about 10 years. OLED TV is recognized as a premium TV by consumers, market research institutes, product evaluation agencies, and the media. Although the entire TV market in 2021 showed a negative growth of about 13% on year, our OLED TV panel shipments grew by more than 70%.

As such, LG Display’s large OLED panels are a proven product for many consumers. However, we have never been complacent, and we have been constantly striving to innovate in technology so that consumers can enjoy better than perfect picture quality. As a result, we succeeded in improving brightness and bezel design through the development of EX technology at the end of last year and launched a new brand called OLED.EX.

OLED.EX offers the experience of “great detail”

Q: What is the core value that customers ultimately experience through OLED.EX?

A: We want to help consumers experience “great detail” through the evolution of OLED.EX. LG Display has been continuously innovating based on the philosophy of portraying “Natural Reality,” or perfectly and accurately conveying the details intended by the original content creator. So OLED.EX can be seen as the pinnacle of LG Display’s OLED technology.

The company’s time-honored OLED technology realize brighter and more accurate images. With image color accuracy, it’s important for consumers to feel that the colors represented match up with the colors in their memory, especially for common natural colors like grass and skin. LG Display’s OLEDs can help better express memory and natural colors more brightly and accurately based on high white luminance. In particular, OLED.EX is based on the ability to realize brightness that is 30% higher than in the past, accurately expressing the brightness and color of each pixel when expressing image gradations without exaggeration. It does all this while also maintaining the health and environmental advantages for consumers that OLED already has, which are low blue light emissions and power consumption.

All of our detailed innovations lead to the details of the content our customers experience. This isn’t just important to professionals like Hollywood filmmakers. It is an important value for all of us who watch videos every day and want to capture, immerse, and empathize with even the smallest details.

Q: What do you expect next from OLED.EX technology?

A: OLED.EX will continue to evolve toward the next generation, pursuing Natural Reality, the philosophy of LG Display. Furthermore, we will not be satisfied with the release of OLED.EX this year, but will continue to maintain and strengthen our leadership in the global OLED market by introducing products made through continuous technological innovation and evolution.

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