OLED leading display trends in New Normal era

Lee Hyeon-woo, Senior VP at LG Display, delivers a keynote speech under the theme of ‘OLED, The Evolutionary Experience’ at the 2022 OLED Korea Conference.

A lot has changed with the advent of the New Normal era. The high-tech digital era that we thought was still in the distant future has become a reality due to the pandemic. And in this situation, demand for displays causes the market to grow faster than expected. In particular, LG Display’s OLED is leading the display trend and is receiving global attention.

On April 7th, the 2022 OLED Korea Conference was held in Korea. Lee Hyeon-woo, Senior VP at LG Display, was appointed as a display expert to give a keynote speech under the theme of ‘OLED, The Evolutionary Experience’ and introduced how LG Display is leading the display trend in the new normal era.

Displays are more important than ever

The presenter mentioned during his speech that displays have become more important than ever in overcoming physical distance and living a convenient yet contactless online life. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, TVs and IT devices at home were less important as people could easily enjoy outdoor activities. The number of electronic devices owned per person has increased and consumers have more specific needs such as products that are light and comfortable. In addition, as the device usage scene and absolute usage time increase, consumers are increasingly willing to pay for high-quality home entertainment products as they are used more often now.

“The demand for TV triggered by COVID is shrinking back down to pre-COVID levels, but the high-end market is still growing and becoming an opportunity for OLED as expectations for high-quality content and TV usage rise,” said Lee. Indeed, OLED continues to increase its market share in the high-end market of TVs over $1000.

Increasing customer value with OLED

He also emphasized that LG Display contributed in popularizing OLED displays. Thanks to the recognition of the excellence of OLED to the world, the number of global partners in the OLED ecosystem is steadily increasing. This has led to brand diversity, allowing consumers around the world to easily choose the OLED products they want from the brands they want. LG Display is providing high value to consumers through market strategies such as volume expansion and product diversification.

Source: OLED Space

At the beginning of this year, LG Display unveiled OLED.EX, an evolution of existing OLED. This product is the most advanced OLED panel equipped with the newly defined EX technology. There are three components of EX technology: the improvement of OLED panel brightness by using deuterium, improved reliability via personalized algorithms, and improved immersion through the application of narrower bezels. This brings us closer to “Natural Reality,” the aim to perfectly and accurately convey all details intended by the creator of the content. Also, the consumer benefits collectively known as ACE – Accurate, Comfortable, and Eco-friendly – are greater now as well.

Lifestyle displays lead to changes in the future

OLED has already established the basis for growth and technology in the high-end market. “In line with the growing need for personalized displays and metaverse experiences in the world through augmented and virtual reality and games, displays need to go beyond TVs and prepare to be lifestyle displays,” said Lee. In this regard, the company’s proposal to lead the change in the future is Gaming, Transparent, and Portable OLEDs.

The most actively growing market after the COVID-19 outbreak is the gaming market. “OLED is an optimal gaming display that can exceed consumer expectations,” he added. OLED’s uniquely high picture quality maximizes immersion and provides the best gaming experience with the best interaction provided by the fastest response time. In addition, it is suitable for consumers who enjoy games because there is little blue light exposure even after long use.

LG Display Transparent OLED Show Window (top left), Shopping Managing Showcase (top right), Metro Window (bottom left), and Musinsa Standard Hongdae (bottom right)

The company’s Transparent OLEDs capitalize on the strength of self-emissive OLED technology. The transparency is high enough to replace existing glass windows while maintaining the crystal clear picture quality unique to OLED. Because it is thin and light, it can be expanded with a custom design, and it is expected to be highly useful in various industries such as signage, mobility, and architecture.

The company is also preparing large-sized Portable OLED displays using the thin and light advantages of OLED. “This product heralds the beginning of an era where TVs move away from the wall and enter the center of the space, and monitors float away from stands,” said the Senior VP at LG Display. The highest possible picture quality and eye comfort allow people to enjoy content in an optimal environment.

As such, LG Display’s OLED is leading global display market trends based on its steady efforts and development. And, the company will never stop proposing innovative displays that better fit our lifestyles.

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