Rising Potential of Transparent OLED

CES 2022 – That’s a wrap!

Although this year’s CES was a more modest occasion than usual, come January 5th 2022 the eyes of the whole world were still fixated on the Las Vegas Convention Center hoping to witness in person or online the amazing ways today’s most forward-thinking companies are evolving and innovating their technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers and companies alike – and they weren’t left disappointed.

This latest edition of the Consumer Electronics Show was another big step forward for LG Display, with the company leaving online audiences through its virtual exhibition marveling at everything from its futuristic flexible innovations to its transparent solutions, and even treated them to the major announcement of its groundbreaking OLED.EX technology which has arrived to level-up the image quality of OLED devices. While its new and never-before-seen products conquered the global headlines, the company’s Transparent OLED did not fail to amaze the public either.

At this year’s biggest consumer tech show, the company gave attendees a sneak peek into the future of Transparent OLED displays through its array of partnerships with both local and global companies – a long list that includes construction equipment manufacturer Doosan Bobcat, Avikus of Hyundai Heavy Industries, high-tech equipment developer Meere Company, and Israel’s leading smart glass tech innovator Gauzy.

Transparent OLED’s high transparency and lightweight form makes it the perfect solution to replace conventional glass windows and provide more convenient user experiences across diverse fields including mobility, interior design, commerce, and construction.

Makers of heavy machinery Doosan Bobcat turned heads with its mini electric excavator “E35e” – an advanced construction vehicle with LG Display’s touch-type Transparent OLED installed in the cockpit instead of regular glass panels.

Source: Doosan Bobcat

With an AR-powered touchscreen panel on the windscreen, an E35e operator can now monitor the location and conditions of a construction site while controlling various functions in real time remotely. With such advanced technology at his or her disposal, the operator can even control other excavators from a distance.

And it’s not just bringing convenience to construction sites either, since Transparent OLED also improves safety at work by eradicating the need for physical buttons that would previously obstruct the operator’s view outside.

Source: Avikus

In Vegas, Avikus, a recently established Hyundai Heavy Industries company specializing in autonomous operation and navigation systems, unveiled an autonomous boat equipped with Transparent OLED panels on its windshield.

In addition to creating an open driving environment, the Transparent OLED on board leverages Avikus’s AR technology to display a next-generation navigation system on the windshield to help guide the driver who can now observe various flight information, routes, buoys and reef locations at a glance.

We even learned of the new technologies being integrated into Transparent OLEDs at CES 2022.

Source: Meere Company

Meere Company, a South Korean semiconductor display equipment company, exhibited its ‘3D Virtual Touch Solution’ which combines Transparent OLED with screen finger motion recognition sensors. Courtesy of a self-developed 3D camera which accurately recognizes hand motions, people can use the screen without having to touch it with their fingers.

Source: Gauzy

Israeli smart glass company Gauzy showcased a new kind of smart glass that can adjust transparency by applying light transmission control film technology to LG Display’s Transparent OLEDs. By doing this, they were able to effectively demonstrate the possibility of a display’s information delivery function adjusting from a maximum 40% to an opaque 99% while maintaining the same transparency, which has massive potential in various spaces such as mobility and for interiors.

Transparent OLED is a technology that leverages the self-emissive nature of OLED. Currently, LG Display is supplying large transparent OLEDs worldwide. In 2019, 55-inch Transparent OLEDs with 40% transparency were commercialized and applied to various spaces including shopping malls, museums, and subways.

“If there’s one thing CES 2022 made clear to audiences, it’s that Transparent OLED has the potential to transform the way things are done in not just one, but several major sectors,” said Cho Min-woo, in charge of the Transparent Business at LG Display. “To make sure we’re constantly moving forward, we will be collaborating with innovative companies from around the world in 2022 to create a whole new market with our Transparent OLEDs.”

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