[CES2022] “Display Your Universe” with LG Display!

LG Display is unveiling new display technologies both offline and online at CES 2022, the world’s largest IT and home appliance exhibition, from Jan. 5 to 7, local time. With the theme of “Display Your Universe,” the company is presenting unique user experiences in consideration of the diverse needs and lifestyles of our customers. Let’s take a look at LG Display’s innovative solutions at CES 2022.

LG Display presents new customer experiences

LG Display presents new customer experiences: Converging Experience, Evolutionary Experience, Unlimited Experience, and Professional Experience.

LG Display presents the message of ‘Multiverse,’ which means that users’ Multiple Personas, or multiple selves, can be super-personalized with LG Display’s Multi-Solution. Based on this, the company is providing four differentiated customer experiences: Evolutionary Experience, Converging Experience, Unlimited Experience, and Professional Experience. The Evolutionary Experience combines the overwhelming picture quality and immersion of the evolved OLED. In the Converging Experience, the digital and the physical spaces become one. The Unlimited Experience is LG Display’s display technology in any form factor. And the Professional Experience maximizes work or gaming satisfaction with extreme image quality that can satisfy professionals.

Flexible OLED, transcending limits of space with flexible design

Virtual Ride

So, which products and solutions should get more focus? The first thing to look at is a flexible OLED solution that goes beyond the limits of space. It offers a new customer experience by limitlessly connecting the digital and physical spaces through thin, light-weight and flexible OLEDs. The Virtual Ride is a futuristic piece of exercise equipment with flexible OLEDs that run from floor to ceiling that allow you to enjoy riding while watching video. People can experience a vivid and dynamic riding experience while riding a bike through a beautiful street or a pleasant forest in the most realistic possible way without actually being there.

Media Chair

The Media Chair equipped with a combination of a flexible OLED and a reclining chair allows you to enjoy video or music while sitting on the chair and adjusting the screen by rotating from horizontal to vertical to your desired aspect ratio. It is a space where people can take a bit of a quality rest.

Transparent OLED, presenting future image of space in everyday life

Smart Window

Transparent OLED, unique among all other displays, shows more possibilities to be used than ever and therefore has become more important to our daily lives. Thanks to self-emissive advantages of OLED, Transparent OLED is thin, lightweight, and very versatile. LG Display presents its Show Window that can be installed outside the store to show advertisements or store information, and inside the store the company introduces its Shopping Managing Showcase that provides product information and graphic effects while displaying products behind a transparent screen. LG Display also showcases its Smart Window for offices where people can both enjoy the views from the windows and display a presentation on the transparent Smart Window during a meeting.

OLED Gaming display, providing dynamic gameplay with overwhelming performance

Enjoy the best gameplay with the clearest video and fastest response speed

OLED innovations for gamers are not to be missed. LG Display’s OLED Gaming display not only provides an immersive feeling as if you are in a game with overwhelming picture quality, but also shows excellent performance such as fast response time and excellent refresh rate. Gaming on the large-sized, high-end OLED Gaming screen creates a thrill and excitement that you have never experienced before. In addition, this OLED is easy on the eyes, even when playing games for a long time.

IPS Black delivers near-perfect picture quality for professionals

Monitor with IPS Black technology that boasts extremely accurate picture quality and detail.

LG Display unveils IPS Black, its high-end and premium LCD technology for IT. It is much easier to distinguish between light and dark than conventional monitors, as the cutting-edge IPS Black technology realizes 35% deeper blacks, and anyone can look at the screen from any angle without distortion. The company showcases its IPS Black through a 27-inch UHD monitor at CES 2022 to realize perfect picture quality. It fits more for professionals with the need to work on more detailed images. People don’t have to get too close to the monitor to process the details and can work comfortably and professionally with clear picture quality even from a distance.

LG Display’s Multi-Solution is perfect to satisfy all of your Multiple Personas. In the future, we will continue to pave the way from the present to the future with displays. Display Your Universe with LG Display!

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