Brought to Life by OLED, Diablo II: Resurrected

How do you make a game filled with hellfire even hotter? Well, it seems the answer is to play it on an OLED display. This was clearly demonstrated recently by a gaming event featuring Diablo II: Resurrected, which was released last month more than two decades after the birth of the original Diablo II.

Now remastered and upgraded, the gameplay and graphics are more thrilling than ever. With everybody getting in the Halloween mood, it’s a great time to check out what the new version of this timeless RPG classic is capable of on a supreme gaming display like LG Display’s OLED.

We should mention that in LG Display’s home country of Korea, Diablo II has a huge following – it was even referred to as a “national game” in the past. So, there was a lot interest when this special event ‘To HELL, Diablo’ was held over three parts – a streamer group lottery, countdown and interviews, and then a match between 24 popular game streamers. Broadcast live via the official Diablo YouTube and Twitch platforms, as well the streamers’ own channels, the event attracted a combined 1.34 million views.

The outcome was that people got to have a lot of fun – but they were also able to witness how impressively the gameplay of Diablo II: Resurrected could be captured by a 4K OLED display.

In fact, gamers around the world have been praising OLED TVs as a perfect gaming solution due to their excellent performance. We’re talking about smooth, vivid, and undisrupted images able to keep up with even the fastest on-screen action. OLED’s unique self-emissive benefits have translated so well to gaming that the entire OLED TV lineup – from 48 to 88 inches – was simultaneously awarded this month with the Qualified Superior Gaming Performance certification from Britain’s Intertek as well as the High Gaming Performance Gold certification from Germany’s TÜV Rheinland. Their tests confirmed what many gamers already know: OLED TVs boast exceptional refresh rate, response times, and color gamut.

Those OLED advantages allowed the ‘To HELL, Diablo’ event participants to combine the thrill of their beloved game with the enhanced experience of immersing themselves in movie-like scenes and characters – which is what RPG offerings like this are all about! Graphics have moved on a lot since the original Diablo II was released in June 2000, but with the help of OLED, the originals can be brought back to life.

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