LG Display Lets Europeans Experience the Future by Hosting the ‘2022 EU Tech Roadshow’

Lately, LG Display has been making waves by showcasing its glowing portfolio of OLED technology. Most recently, the company turned its attention to Europe and held the 2022 EU Tech Roadshow in Barcelona from May 10th to 13th. Let’s check out the game-changing displays that made an appearance!

LG Display Makes its Way into Europe

LG Display’s Show Window

The company invited dozens of its European partners to Barcelona to present the latest display technologies capable of taking over a variety of sectors. From Transparent OLED and premium signage displays to in-TOUCH technologies, the company’s impressive collection of innovative solutions certainly turned the heads of those who were at the scene. People were simply captivated by LG Display’s leading technology.

Eye-catching Transparent OLED Solutions for the Modern Shopper

Shopping Managing Showcase’s Universal Concept (Left) and Luxury Concept (Right)

LG Display’s innovative OLED collection included its ‘Show Window’ and ‘Shopping Managing Showcase’ – both of which employ Transparent OLED technology. Graphic visuals containing information of the products can offer a new shopping experience to customers.

Created as an external display, the Show Window utilizes four 55-inch Transparent OLED displays arranged in a square-shaped, 2×2 form that can expand vertically and horizontally to fit every store window. The Shopping Managing Showcase, a Transparent OLED display fitted inside a display stand, demonstrated its potential to reinvent the offline shopping experience. Its Luxury version boasts a high-end wooden design frame, while its Universal option utilizes a frameless concept that gives more room to store owners to customize and style their space to their liking.

Enriching the Everyday Experience with Transparent OLED

Block Partition (Left) and Life Transparent Screen (Right)

With its limitless potential, Transparent OLED can make our lives easier. This was highlighted at the EU Tech Roadshow with the introduction of its newest innovations, its ‘Block Partition’ and ‘Life Transparent Screen’.

The Block Partition, which has been specially engineered for video conferences, leverages the company’s Transparent OLED to provide background images along with a more spacious interior. Equipped with wheels, the Block Partition can be moved around with ease, making it ideal for busy, fast-paced office settings.

The Life Transparent Screen is a type of ‘techniture’ that provides users the flexibility to use it in their desired mode. Each mode is adjusted with a slate behind the product, which lets users choose the form based on what they’re doing – whether that’s watching a movie or wanting to add a touch of style to the room’s interior design.

Premium Signage

97-inch UHD OLED Signage (Left) and 55-inch FHD OLED Signage

What makes an ad striking and impactful? High quality visuals and color expression, of course! Accuracy when it comes to the fine details and rich color gamut are two aspects OLED Signages do better than anything else. – and so LG Display brought its 97-inch UHD OLED Signage and 55-inch FHD OLED Signage to the EU Tech Roadshow to showcase these characteristics. In addition to stellar image quality, LG Display’s OLED Signage is made from reused remnants of organic materials, boosting its eco-friendly factor.

In-TOUCH Glove Promises High Quality and Eco-friendliness

27-inch FHD in-TOUCH Glove (Left) and 43-inch UHD in-TOUCH Glove

With today’s consumers being more health-conscious than ever, some wear gloves to protect themselves from the virus. But when it’s the time to order at cafes or restaurants using touch screen kiosks, the displays don’t always work perfectly. LG Display’s revolutionary in-TOUCH Glove provides the opposite experience by delivering a seamless touch-interactive experience even when wearing thick gloves.

At the Barcelona roadshow, visitors were able to try out the touch screen using their glove of choice – latex, wool, leather, ski gloves, you name it! – and participants were left astonished by its exceptional touch sensitivity. It also boasts a simple structure and doesn’t require a separate glass cover, making the product environmentally friendly.

LG Display’s Transparent OLED for subways

The 2022 EU Tech Roadshow was quite a success. Not only did it provide unique and interactive opportunities to experience the company’s latest and greatest offerings, but also did a fantastic job at reminding Europeans of LG Display’s technological leadership. Follow LG Display’s journey around the world as it continues to create new and differentiated experiences with its ever-evolving solutions!


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