BVLGARI Colors Come Alive Through OLED


Digital art has been gaining newfound appreciation in recent years, this new boom resulting in an explosion of creativity with displays emerging as important blank canvases for artists and brands alike to create modern masterpieces.


Take Italian luxury brand Bulgari for instance, a brand that recently teamed up with LG Display to co-host a first-of-its-kind color exhibition at Korea’s famous Seoul Arts Center from July 20th to September 15th 2021.


The exhibition features the most advanced display technologies ever created with over 100 OLED panels working together to make the gallery space a sight to behold. Visitors can observe the iconic work of Bulgari and inspired local artists, while enjoying a seamless interplay of classic, timeless luxury and cutting-edge OLED technology.



Visitors are able to get a taste of the rich art experience awaiting them inside at its entrance, with one wavy OLED panel wall made up of 16 flexible OLED displays, and another with 20 OLED displays on the other side of the entryway, giving attendees a beautiful glimpse into the jewels and artwork they’re just moments away from discovering inside.


(Source: [Inside LG Display] Highlights – ‘BVLGARI Colors’ with OLED)

The BVLGARI Colors exhibition offers so much to admire with more than 190 works of Bulgari showcased, including jewels from the iconic Heritage collection it has been perfecting since the early 1930s. Inside the gallery, visitors will quickly realize just how each gemstone tells a completely different story through its elegant facets and bold colors.



In addition to the jewels of Bulgari, the exhibition features digital artwork from local South Korean artists such as VAKKI, who all gained endless inspiration from the striking colors of Bulgari’s unique gemstones. Visitors can experience an exclusive form of media art that’s only possible with the precision and capabilities of LG’s OLED displays.


(Source: [Inside LG Display] Highlights – ‘BVLGARI Colors’ with OLED)

One particular piece turning heads in the Korean capital is the Stairs of Bulgari, in large part thanks to its brilliant combination of Transparent and Curved OLEDs that creates a 3D-like reinterpretation of the Spanish Steps of Rome, Italy. The Curved OLEDs recreate the steps, while the Transparent OLEDs play a various motion effects like fireworks, flower petals, and gems to create a colorful, dreamy ambience.


These days, Transparent OLED panels are widely recognized for their innovative implementation in public transportation, but judging by The Stairs of Bulgari showstopper, the advanced displays’ potential within the world of aesthetics mustn’t be overlooked. Without a doubt, the cutting-edge transparency technology of LG Display adds a touch of modernity and whole lot of sophistication to any space.


The colorful Blue, Green, Red Rooms provide visitors with the most spectacular exhibition of Bulgari’s opulence


OLED’s biggest advantage is its self-emissive pixels that turn on and off independently to achieve perfect blacks and infinite contrasts – both key to gorgeous color and pictures.


Through its unparalleled pictures and color accuracy, OLED was deemed the only choice for Bulgari to do its vividly colorful jewels justice on the big stage. Bulgari, which defines its jewels as art, took advantage of OLED’s innovative technology to achieve a captivating journey between jewels and art.


Still curious? Take a virtual tour to see the stunning sights for yourself.

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