Another Black Friday Extravaganza with LG Display’s State-of-the-Art OLED

 Source: LG Electronics

The tech sphere is buzzing with anticipation over the imminent exclusive OLED TV deals coming this Black Friday — a highly anticipated occasion for enthusiasts eager to elevate their viewing experiences, with top-tier TVs available at a fraction of their usual cost. Deals have been kicking off well in advance of Black Friday, presenting consumers with a distinctive opportunity to enjoy the unmatched brilliance of OLED technology. Let’s discover why exploring OLED TVs this approaching Black Friday is an absolute must!

Get the best Black Friday deal on your new OLED TV

Considered to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year in the United States, Black Friday is an opportune moment for those looking to purchase a new TV. According to the world leading market intelligence provider TrendForce, TV sales in North America during last year’s Black Friday period experienced an increase of 13% year-over-year gain despite the recent economic downturn.

Particularly, OLED is becoming more coveted in this segment for its enhanced viewing experience that compares to no other technology – According to  Korean media, global shipment of OLED TVs are expected to reach 6.5 million units in 2024, a surge of 16% compared to this year. Additionally, projections estimate a sustained average annual growth rate of 13% for OLED TVs, with shipments forecasted to hit 9.2 million units by 2027.

OLED TV’s standout qualities and META Technology

The evolution of OLED showcased by LG Display’s META Technology

Beyond Black Friday discounts, the standout qualities of OLED TVs are unparalleled. OLED TVs redefine the visual landscape with their renowned perfect pitch blacks, elevated contrast ratios, and vibrant colors. Leading the OLED revolution is LG Display’s third-generation OLED technology, META Technology. It raises the standard for OLED TVs with exceptional brightness, expansive viewing angles, and enhanced image quality. Leveraging technologies such as ‘Micro Lens Array (MLA)’ and ‘META Booster,’ META Technology delivers an unrivaled immersive experience with guaranteed 60% brighter panels, even on large-sized screens. Furthermore, LG Display stands out for its commitment to innovating the customer experience with user-friendly solutions by obtaining numerous global certifications for eye comfort.

LG Display’s OLED for every lifestyle

LG Display’s 45-inch Ultra-wide Curved OLED.gif

Taking OLED to the next level, LG Display caters to a spectrum of preferences with a diverse range of OLED panels, all meticulously designed for any lifestyle. Whether you desire the ultimate home entertainment experience with the captivating cinematic brilliance of the ultra-large 97-inch OLED panel, prefer a smaller frame that delivers a high-performance display with a medium or small-sized OLED for a single-person household, or opt for a premium gaming display in the versatile 40-inch range, LG Display’s exclusive OLED lineup addresses the growing diversity in consumer choices, setting it apart in the world of cutting-edge display technology.

As the curtains rise on Black Friday, the stage is perfectly set for consumers to embrace the unparalleled brilliance of OLED technology. Redefine your viewing experience and immerse yourself in the seamless convergence of technology and entertainment with an OLED TV today!

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