[CES 2023] A New Era of Premium OLED, META Technology

LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of large-sized OLED displays, unveiled its 3rd Generation OLED technology, ‘META Technology,’ which expects to lead the era of premium OLED at CES 2023. This innovation follows ‘EX Technology,’ the 2nd-generation OLED TV panel technology, that LG Display introduced last year, which is based on deuterium and personalized algorithms.

With over 10 years of groundbreaking innovations, LG Display’s META Technology once again surpasses limits for OLED technology. So what’s so outstanding about META Technology? Here’s a brief introduction.

‘META Technology’ employs two key elements: A ‘Micro Lens Array’ technology that maximizes light emissions, and the brightness enhancement algorithm ‘META Booster.’ META Technology’s ground-breaking advancement includes improvements in brightness by 60% and viewing angles by 30% compared to conventional OLEDs.

The Micro Lens Array technology is a uniform pattern in the layer that includes tens of billions of micro lenses that reduces the light loss from internal reflection to further improve brightness. Given the structural limitations of conventional OLED panels, Micro Lens Array is an innovation that pushes the boundaries of OLED. When an image signal is transmitted, OLED produces light in the organic light emitting layer and operates on the principle that the light is transmitted to the user. However, much of the light generated is lost within the panel due to internal reflection, resulting in lower brightness.

LG Display’s Micro Lens Array maximizes light emission in its OLED panels, improving energy efficiency by 22% compared to that of the same brightness. By applying the Micro Lens Array, micro lens patterns help emit a significant amount of light that had been lost due to internal reflections, creating a 60% brighter screen than existing panels. Usually, additional power consumption is required to increase brightness, but the Micro Lens Array structure efficiently emits internal light in a way that no additional power is required. In addition, billions of Micro Lens Array allows the latest OLED displays to improve the viewing angle by up to 30%, resulting in an even wider viewing angle among existing TVs that delivers accurate pictures at any angle.

Another key technology of META Technology is the ‘META Booster’, a unique algorithm that analyzes images to improve overall brightness, color expression, and degrees of peak white. META Booster analyzes the brightness of characteristics in real time and uses the information to control the bright ness of each scene. META Booster also maximizes the HDR feature, which makes bright areas brighter and darker areas darker, creating an environment with realistic, lively pictures.

With 60% more brightness and 30% wider viewing angles, META Technology is a cut above others with rich, authentic images and colors. With this innovation, LG Display proves to be the leader in the large-sized OLED display market. META Technology truly delivers intended colors and details to offer an immersive experience that no other OLEDs can provide.


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