Celebrating the Summer Games with OLED

It comes around every four years, a time when family and friends gather around the television to watch the best of the best compete on the biggest stage of them all – the summer games. But this year it’s so much more. It’s a much-needed symbol of hope and togetherness after more than a year of closed borders and social distancing. For bustling Tokyo to host such a large event, however, it meant that for one time only, athletes would have to put in the performance of a lifetime in empty stadiums, with audiences cheering them on from home through the television or a livestream.

The pandemic not only shifted the way we consume and enjoy content, it transformed movie releases and the way we play, watch and cheer during sports. That’s because the experience of watching a game in person is being caught up rapidly by the experience of watching it on a screen, thanks to advances in display and sound technologies that bring immersion even closer to the real thing.

With options in 2021 limited, we’re forced to seek alternatives that bring the action home without losing that sense of realism. And for sports fanatics desperate to retain the “full experience,” there’s simply no piece of tech more up to the job than OLED.

Transform the Living Room into your Personal Stadium

(Source: 100% Live Pixel, 100% Live Experience | Game)

The key to OLED’s ultra-realistic picture quality is its self-emissive pixels. Each one illuminates by itself to create perfect blacks, precise colors, and a level of clarity and quality that remains undefeated. For some of the summer games’ most popular sports – soccer, golf, tennis or swimming – if you’re going to watch it live, you might as well watch it with bright greens and blues that pop for next-level immersion.

Bring that Stadium Atmosphere to Every Seat in the Room

With conventional TVs, where you sit or view the TV from can have a massive impact on picture quality. With OLED, wide viewing angles provide the in-depth color accuracy you need to ensure every chair in the room is the “best seat in the stadium.

Once again, it all comes down to OLED’s greatest strength – self-emissive technology. Without a backlight or a liquid crystal layer, OLED boasts much wider viewing angles that provide perfect views without color distortion wherever you sit. It’s the perfect time to bring those expensive box office seats into your living room with OLED.

Catch all the Fast-paced Action as if you’re there in Person

Whether it’s live sports, an action movie or a high-speed video game – the two features essential for capturing every fast-paced action are Response Times and Refresh Rates. These two aspects work together to eliminate motion blur so that you can experience live springboard dives, slam dunks and hole-in-ones as they were meant to be experienced.

OLED pixel response times eclipse those of LCDs, which is why these peak-precision panels ensure the action is as clear as day. As for refresh rates, the higher they are, the better a TV handles rapid motions – critical for the summer games where speed is the difference between the podium and heartbreak. Thanks to OLED’s advanced technology, it offers strikingly smooth transitions or frames without screen tearing, stuttering or blurring. And when every move a competitor makes is critical to victory, OLED ensures you catch every single detail of the gold-medal-winning performance.

An At-home Stadium Experience that Goes Beyond your Sight

(Source: [Theater Zone] LG Display 88” 8K Cinematic Sound OLED)

The best part about watching live sports in stadiums is the sound of a roaring crowd, a feeling that runs from your ears down to your feet. But when a screen becomes the only way to watch your favorite athletes compete, everything changes.

LG Display’s Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) ensures viewers stay close to the pulsating energy of the stadium with just their TV screen. By vibrating the panel with an exciter attached to the back, CSO enables the panel itself to create a premium, booming sound directly from the panel that combines with vibrant, crystal-clear pictures to create that stadium-like experience that leaves conventional TVs in the dust. With CSO, sports fans and sport casuals alike can hear every stroke, hit, dribble and kick during the games as if the contest was being played in their back garden.

Upgrade the way you watch your sports with the clearer, sharper, and better pictures and audio exclusive to OLED devices.

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