[Beyond TV] Ignite Brighter and Sharper Screens with the Power of META Booster

In the first episode of [Beyond TV], which carries the meaning of “surpassing ordinary TV technology,” our development teams helped us explore META Technology’s Micro Lens Array (MLA). In this episode, Research Fellow Joon-young Kim will take us behind the scenes of the development of the other half of META Technology – ‘META Booster.’

‘META Booster,’ the key component of META Technology

If we were to think of the most prominent buzzwords in the IT industry these days, “algorithm” and “artificial intelligence (AI)” would come to mind. Algorithms are widely used to analyze our music preferences and recommend songs we may like, or to interact with AI chatbots and seek answers to our questions. It’s a field that is easily accessible to everyone in our daily lives, yet still undergoing remarkable technological advancements.

Then, what exactly is the technology behind algorithms? In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, time seamlessly fades away as we indulge in the captivating realm of recommended content on various streaming platforms. These platforms rely on algorithms and guiding principles employed by artificial intelligence to deliver custom-tailored outcomes based on users’ interests and preferences. By tracking our viewing history, these algorithms can analyze our preferences and suggest content based on them.

This intelligent algorithmic technology holds immense significance, extending its influence on the domain of OLED as LG Display’s ‘META Booster’ to enhance brightness and color expression. To easily understand the functioning principle of META Booster, you can think of the patterns used by algorithms to recommend songs or videos.

META Booster analyzes each frame, identifies its characteristics and then adjusts brightness to ensure the optimal viewing experience. That means the brightness and colors expressed by each individual pixel are determined, scene by scene, to unlock a level of image representation capable of capturing small details in a way no other TV can.

In essence, META Booster represents the pinnacle of OLED technology, offering brightness and image quality tailored to your preferences and the content being watched.

META Booster, the result of unwavering dedication and passion

The journey to develop and implement META Booster was both challenging and time-consuming, but our primary focus was achieving a technology of the utmost refinement. Fueled by a shared vision of delivering unparalleled OLED excellence and immersive viewing experiences, our team united its efforts to bring this groundbreaking algorithm to fruition.

Every detail was carefully considered as we mapped out the algorithm’s concept and its control options. We then proceeded to meticulously design essential hardware and software, leaving no stone unturned. Through the rigorous testing and performance verification of prototypes, we ensured that META Booster met the highest standards of quality. In our pursuit of continuous improvement, we persistently explore various conditions, seeking alternative approaches for a better META Booster.

Unveiling the ultimate viewing environment you always dreamed of

The true value of META Booster lies in its revolutionary impact on the viewing experience. Through its rapid analysis and precise control of video content, it guarantees impeccable picture quality across every scene. OLED displays employing META Booster are truly the epitome of visual excellence, with each one offering viewers an unparalleled immersive world to enjoy.

Continuing from MLA, we explored the key mechanisms of META Booster in this episode. With the fusion of micro-lens structures and advanced algorithms, META Technology has become a pioneering force for OLED innovation, resulting in a 60% increase in panel brightness and a 30% improvement in viewing angle.

As panel developers, the ultimate praise we could receive is when someone says, “It looks incredibly real.” We hope this state-of-the-art technology delivers a viewing experience that feels like videos come to life right before your eyes.

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