[SID 2023] Zone 3. Beyond Display

At SID 2023, under the theme of ‘Experience Tomorrow Beyond Today’, LG Display is set to unveil its cutting-edge technology and showcase the future of displays through three zones: Beyond Brightness, Beyond Flat, and Beyond Display.

In the Beyond Display zone, you can experience the limitless potential of displays that transcend traditional display forms, such as the 12-inch Stretchable display, 15.6-inch Light Field 3D, 13.7-inch Transparent in-TOUCH, and 0.42-inch OLEDoS display.

12” Stretchable

LG Display is pushing the boundaries of display technology with its next-generation concepts. The company is showcasing the highly anticipated 12-inch Stretchable display, which is poised to become the future of displays, for the first time to the public during SID 2023.

The Stretchable display is equipped with outstanding free-form technology that enables it to be extended, folded and twisted without distortion or damage. The company’s Stretchable display is the first stretchable panel to implement a high resolution of 100ppi (pixels per inch) and boast full-color RGB, while the highly flexible Stretchable display can be stretched up to 14 inches in any direction with its 20% stretchability. Alongside Stretchable display’s thin, lightweight design, it offers versatility for various daily scenarios, such as being easily attachable to curved surfaces like skin, clothing, furniture, automobiles and aircraft.

15.6″ Light Field Display

The 15.6-inch Light Field 3D display creates more immersive and lifelike images by reproducing the light field of objects through a lens array. With the innovative design of the lens and panel structure, it maintains uniform brightness and minimizes left and right display overlapping crosstalk, resulting in stable and exceptional visuals.

Additionally, it provides smooth 3D viewing even in situations with a wide viewing range by tracking the viewer’s eye position in real-time. This in turn enhances immersion during gaming and movie-watching, and also offers a more realistic experience during video conferencing or in the medical field for precise and prompt diagnosis.

13.7″ Transparent OLED in-TOUCH

LG Display’s 13.7-inch Transparent OLED in-TOUCH is the world’s first OLED in-TOUCH equipped with a touch electrode on a Transparent OLED, providing superior touch sensitivity. It allows users to touch the screen freely through an impressive Touch Sensor that enhances touch accuracy and provides additional multi-touch functions.

0.42” OLEDoS

The 0.42-inch OLEDoS is a cutting-edge micro-display that delivers a lifelike Augmented Reality (AR) experience with exceptional image quality and contrast ratio. With high-efficiency White OLED (WOLED), and color filter technology that generates micro-patterns, the 0.42-inch OLEDoS display boasts sharp HD resolution and an impressive brightness of 7,000 nits. This creates a highly realistic and engaging AR environment, perfect for enhancing the user experience.

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