[CES 2023] Advanced Mobility Lifestyle – 3. The Future

‘The Future’ Zone showcased LG Display’s vision for the future of automotive industry. With displays now an essential component of every modern automobile, this third zone presented how the company is creating smarter in-car environments and experiences as cars continue to evolve.

57-inch Pillar to Pillar display.gif

Debuting at CES 2023, LG Display showcased the automotive 57-inch Pillar to Pillar display for the first time in the world. As automotive displays are becoming larger in size and in number, LG Display’s newly-unveiled Pillar to Pillar display provides the most seamless experience for viewing information and content with just one screen. By embedding the 57-inch P2P display in the car, the entire dashboard will turn into a display to deliver various information to the driver.

The 12.8-inch Control Pads and 12.3-inch armrest displays enable passengers in the backseat to control diverse functions “at once.” The Control Pad is made of P-OLED that is thin, therefore its applications enhance the rest of interiors and occupy much less space.

18-inch Slidable OLED.gif

The 18-inch Slidable OLED highlights distinctive design and maximizes space efficiency. When necessary, it slides down smoothly from the ceiling and offers unprecedented viewing experiences to the passengers. This is the form factor that only P-OLED can realize.

55-inch Transparent OLED.gif

The 55-inch Transparent OLED acts as both a window and a display that intuitively provides essential information to the passengers. In addition, with AR mode, the transparent OLED can be applied to the inside and outside of the vehicle.


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