OLED – The universal solution for today’s gamers

With next-gen console games boasting unprecedented graphics launching left and right nowadays, it’s no surprise gamers are eager to buy the most innovative gaming tech to match. LG Display is striving to bring OLED’s exceptional, premium values to today’s gaming setups.

But first, let’s find out what’s going on in the current gaming industry scene!

The rising trend of premium gaming displays

It’s no secret that the gaming industry is growing at an explosive rate. According to a recent report by IDC, the premier global market intelligence firm, 2.7 million gaming monitors (priced over $500) were shipped worldwide last year – a 57% growth from 2020 (1.7 million) and more than double the amount from 2019 (1.3 million).

Today’s gamers aren’t just looking for displays with great picture quality. They’re seeking the ultimate display that hits all the sweet spots of the modern gamer: from performance, speed, colors, display angle – aspects that dramatically elevate the gameplay experience when combined.

The beauty of LG Display’s Gaming OLED

LG Display recently conducted a study to suggest the ultimate standards and conditions that can highly affect the performance of gaming displays. The company teamed up with internal experts to accurately and objectively evalute which gaming displays are the most beneficial for gamers. The results (Reaction time, curvature, and eye health) announced at SID 2022 held in San Jose, California has since caught the gaming industry’s attention, as it marks the company’s first establishment of gaming display performance standards.

Through studies like this, the company aims to continue advancing its display performance within the gaming world.

The first standard: Reaction Time

So what makes LG Display’s Gaming OLED stand out? Among the many amazing benefits of LG Display’s Gaming OLED, the rapid reaction time is what really sets it apart – the time it takes for them to recognize the input signal on screen and react by clicking their mouse or keyboard. Since a faster reaction time maximizes their chances of winning, it is widely considered one of the most important factors when choosing a new display. OLED’s average reaction time is 0.05 seconds (50ms) faster than its LCD counterpart, which is a stark difference when considering a gaming mouse or keyboard typically provides a speed advantage of 0.01~0.02 seconds (10~20ms).

The second standard: Curvature

Display curvature is another advantage of OLED displays, with 800R providing the most immersive experience. Thanks to its flexible nature, the OLED is uniquely capable of achieving the Bendable design, which allows the display to curve and flatten with a maximum display curvature of 800R. The Bendable is already being successfully positioned as the ultimate gaming display – or as TechRadar calls it, the “answer” to the all-too common question of what the best display for gaming devices is.

The third standard: Eye Health

When it comes to protecting one’s health during long gaming sessions, no conventional screen can match LG Display OLED’s ability to protect their eyes having become the only TV display to acquire all three common concerns during Eye Comfort testing: ‘Low Blue Light‘ certification from UL, a global safety certification company; ‘Flicker Free’ certification from TÜV Rheinland and UL; and ‘Discomfort Glare Free’ verification from UL – making OLED a top-notch display that not only gives gamers the ‘push’ for victory but also ensures their eyes stay safe and healthy for long gaming nights.

Sharing the value of OLED tailored for gamers

To meet the global gaming community’s rapidly growing needs for a TV that offers a next-level gameplay experience, LG Display recently launched a new gaming display-specialized department to meet these very needs. Let’s listen to what people in charge are saying!

LG Display Gaming Strategy/Marketing Team

The Gaming Strategy/Marketing Team is raising the bar with its Gaming Displays by closely assessing the needs of today’s discerning gamers, hoping to make history in the gaming display world with the company’s cutting-edge OLED technology.

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