LG Display Redefines Gaming Display Standards with Its Latest Research Study

Dr. Jang Jin Yoo, Research Fellow at LG Display unveils research results at SID 2022

It’s no new news that stay-at-home restrictions due to COVID-19 brought an explosive boom in the gaming industry. As the gaming community continued to grow with more and more people turning to on-screen entertainment in the comfort of their own living rooms, so did the demand for high quality gaming TVs and monitor screens. But we still don’t officially have an actual evidence for which exact standards make up the perfect gaming monitor – or we didn’t, until now.  LG Display is thrilled to share its latest research study results which reveal that the three biggest factors that contribute to a display’s gaming performance are reaction time, curvature, and eye health.

Reaction Time

Any gamer will relate to the frustration caused by a slow gaming experience. This issue is caused by the display’s reaction time. Reaction time refers to the time it takes for a screen to change what is being displayed. The lower the reaction time, the faster the pixels respond, meaning that it’s going to display a clearer video. In other words, if the reaction time is higher, the screen would look more blurry because afterimages can be seen if the images change too quickly. And that is why OLED displays can be useful for gamers who want to win. The study results showed that an OLED’s average reaction time was 50 milliseconds (ms) faster than an LCD. “Considering the gamer uses a special mouse or keyboard for gaming which usually provides speed advantage of 10 to 20ms, 50ms is critical in determining a game’s outcome,” said Dr. Jang Jin Yoo, the head researcher of the study.


According to LG Display’s study, a display’s curvature is another factor that provides the optimal gaming performance. Did you know different game genres demand different display curvatures to gain the optimal experience?  Most games require a curvature of 800R to provide a highly immersive gameplay, but in the case for some sports games – users will actually be able to enjoy a higher quality on a flat display rather than a curved one. LG Display’s Bendable display technology allows users to enjoy both curved and flat displays, providing the optimal gaming environment for all games. After all – what’s more important to a gamer than an immersive on-screen experience?

Eye Health

Another critical aspect of gaming performance is eye health. LG Display’s OLED displays have the lowest blue light level in the industry. What’s more is that its low blue light let players enjoy the flicker-free gaming experiences without eye fatigue.

LG Display has been continuously conducting research in its efforts to provide users with the best possible gaming experience. It is this dedication that enabled the creation of the Gaming OLED – a display that provides the optimal solution to every gamer’s pain points – a slow reaction time, poor curvature, and eye discomfort.

The company hopes to publish more research papers based on next-generation displays including studies that take a deeper look at the processes and materials of OLED and futuristic foldable and stretchable concepts.

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