LG Display’s latest tech marvels captivate SID 2022 crowd

The world’s largest display event was buzzing with excitement as industry players and academia gathered in San Jose for SID 2022, last held offline in 2019. Presented by the Society for Information Display, LG Display unveiled its unprecedented 97-inch OLED.EX, foldable OLEDs, and the world’s largest automotive P-OLED. Let’s take a look back on how and why the company grabbed so much attention at SID 2022.

LG Display wins ‘Best Booth’ award

LG Display was chosen for a “Best Booth” People’s Choice Award at SID 2022

The People’s Choice Awards are particularly special at Display Week because the SID allows visitors to vote for contenders among a series of categories. And at SID 2022, among all the display companies showing off their latest innovations, LG Display was picked for “Best Booth” by the people in attendance. The LG Display booth was praised for its innovative technology, beautiful design, and convenience for visitors.

97-inch OLED.EX, perfection in a super-large package

LG Display’s 97-inch OLED.EX at SID 2022

LG Display’s highlight of SID 2022 was undoubtedly that 97-inch OLED.EX, which you can see for yourself here. As the largest OLED TV panel ever, it was shown to the public for the first time in San Jose. Aside from its impressive size, this display features “EX Technology,” an innovation that boasts better brightness and improved image quality through the combination of deuterium, or heavy hydrogen technology, and personalized algorithms. The global media verdict was glowing, asking whether this might be the ultimate TV, and expanding on those tech advantages of OLED.EX: “As deuterium is more efficient and stable than the hydrogen-based compounds currently used, it has a longer lifespan and requires less cooling. This means that overall panel thickness can be reduced by 30 per cent compared to existing panels.”

42-inch Gaming OLED Bendable, the optimal gaming display

LG Display’s 42-inch Gaming OLED Bendable at SID 2022

It’s clear that the pandemic has only increased interest in gaming, driving rapid growth in the gaming display market. Against this backdrop, LG Display’s 42-inch Gaming OLED Bendable has emerged as an optimal option promising the most satisfying game play we’ve experienced yet. As you can see here, its advantages stem from its hyper-real image quality, outstanding response time, and immersive flexibility – this OLED panel can bend freely or be used flat as is most appropriate for various content. In fact, an LG Display research team found that a bendable OLED panel is the best display for gaming devices and monitors, having worked with top-ranked online gamers to investigate the best display conditions for gaming. Presenting their findings at the 2022 SID Business Conference in San Jose, LG Display Research Fellow Dr. Jang Jin Yoo explained that OLED can maximize a display’s curvature, offering a more immersive experience while also delivering a response time advantage that “is critical in determining a game’s outcome.” The 42-inch Gaming OLED Bendable confirms LG Display’s ambition to develop gaming displays that keep pushing the boundaries of what had been thought possible.

360° Foldable OLED, the future of flexibility

LG Display’s 360° Foldable OLED at SID 2022

Moving on to a product seen as a big part of The Future of OLED, LG Display also unveiled the 360° Foldable OLED at SID 2022. Breaking away from the conventional one-way foldable structure, being capable of folding in both directions, this innovative leap was highlighted in a celebration of the future of weird phone displays, as “future foldables could move on from existing single-fold designs to fold twice, use displays that are capable of folding both inwards and outwards.” Another report claimed this 360-degree foldable OLED display will blow your mind: “So far, all the folding OLED screens we have seen have additional layers added, or have a mechanical hinge to increase durability in one specific direction, but with this panel folding inwards and outwards LG has shown us that a single, foldable OLED touchscreen is possible as well.” Not only does this all mean there is minimal creasing when the display is folded, but here’s a fun fact: this product was folded more than 200,000 times during development to make sure it would be able to sustain daily use!

With its variety of innovative display solutions on show, LG Display was able to captivate onlookers at SID 2022. And that interaction was made possible thanks to the offline return of the world’s grandest display event. You can check out more of LG Display’s SID 2022 highlights and the company’s vision for the future of OLED by clicking below.


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