Revisualizing the Shopping Experience with OLED

As more and more companies turn to digital transformation to advertise and sell their products and services, new technologies are taking a more prominent role in daily life by transforming the way we do ordinary tasks. To meet the everchanging consumer and market needs that come from such groundbreaking innovation, brands are having to think quick on their feet to adapt, and LG Display is no different.

(Source: LG Display)

LG Display showcased how its OLED technology can change the shopping malls in the future at its R&D base at LG Science Park in Seoul’s Magok district – at which the brains of the company are based – demonstrating product concepts designed to enhance the lifestyle quality of consumers.

Visitors are greeted by the Transparent OLED Automatic Gate (Source: LG Display)

Greeting visitors into the futuristic shopping mall was the eye-catching ‘Transparent OLED Automatic Gate’, which opened to reveal a spacious showroom boasting a wide array of futuristic OLED displays by LG Display. By utilizing 4 Transparent OLED displays, this gate was able to give the ultimate first impression to visitors with vibrant, futuristic imagery that set the mood for the experience that awaited them inside.

The Smart Stall conveniently provides an interactive shopping and content experience (Source: LG Display)

The trendy ‘Smart Stall’ was equipped with both OLED and in-TOUCH LCD technology, the ‘Smart Stall’ is actually an advertisement board designed in the style of a shelf cabinet which, when approached by a consumer, seamlessly switches from displaying content to its ‘Shopping Manager Mode’. With its touch and sensor capabilities, this product of the future provides an interactive shopping experience like no other.

The Objet Showcase combines OLED and Transparent OLED for mesmerizing visuals (Source: LG Display)

Moving onto the unique ‘Objet Showcase,’ people could observe almost holographic visuals thanks to a standard OLED and Transparent OLED display working together.

The ‘Object Showcase’ looks three-dimensional with a 55-inch Transparent OLED display in front of another OLED panel of the same size – and in between is where the advertised product would be placed. Despite the panel in front of it, the product would be clearly visible but now with an additional touch of eye-catching visuals. This ‘Objet Showcase’ is exemplary of how OLED’s self-emissive nature can be leveraged to create captivating art pieces we’ve never seen before.

The Intelligent Shelf – a digital shopping assistant (Source: LG Display)

The fact that OLED doesn’t have a backlight means its design can be far more flexible than an LCD display. The ‘Intelligent Shelf’ shows off the unparalleled diversity of OLED’s form factor. The innovative shelf sports a Curved OLED form and in-touch LCD technology so it can act as a helpful ‘shopping assistant’ capable of recommending items according to the unique customer’s style and preferences.

The Shopping Way combines 3 different display technologies to create a shopping ‘tunnel’ (Source: LG Display)

No modern shopping mall is complete without an amenities corner. The ‘Shopping Way’ section of the showroom combined Transparent OLED, Curved OLED, and in-touch LCD technology to create a tunnel-like structure. Here, customers could effortlessly scan a QR code to pay for their items and look up important information such as pick-up locations on the screen.

Hologram Piloti – made up of Curved OLED displays (Source: LG Display)

And when customers were done with all their shopping and just wanted to relax, they could head to the ‘Hologram Piloti’ – a column-like structure consisting of convex-type Curved OLED panels. The completely unique form of the ‘Hologram Piloti’ helped bring realistic and immersive moving visuals to the showroom to enhance shopping experience to date.

LG Display showcased a wide range of displays, technologies, and product concepts, while providing a glimpse into the company’s vision for OLED in the future shopping industry.

By combining an offline retail experience with the digital convenience only cutting-edge OLED panels can provide, LG Display is able to deliver the optimal shopping solution for businesses looking to take their advertising and promotions to the next level while providing the easy and enjoyable shopping experience today’s consumers crave.


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