Exploring the Wonders of Modern Art with OLED

Art has come a long way thanks to artists constantly discovering new and unique mediums to display their limitless talent. From vases and marble to ceilings and canvases, every new channel introduces new potential for creating never-seen-before art forms that captivate an audience that never stops evolving. And the newest ‘canvas’ on the scene ready to reimagine the art world is LG Display’s OLED.

LG Display recently collaborated with a handful of artists boasting contrasting styles to give life to a new media art campaign powered by its one-of-a-kind OLED displays. Titled OLED Art Wave: Every Wave You Will Sense, the fascinating exhibition is being held at D8NE, the Seoul flagship store of Peaches, a new media and fresh street brand.

D8NE is a cultural space designed for young and trendy audiences – from car aficionados and fashion enthusiasts to music lovers and foodies

Exhausted from the physical restrictions imposed by the global pandemic, young people are constantly looking for fresh experiences away from home. Catering to these needs, LG Display combined OLED’s technology with gorgeous digital art to provide an eccentric and artistic experience that combines our reality with imagination. The company installed a total of thirty nine 65-inch OLED panels across the D8NE grounds, including a garage, lounge, bar and even a skatepark to display immersive digital art created in collaboration with five local and global artists.

For artists and amateurs alike, OLED’s self-emissive technology opens a door to limitless possibilities with its outstanding design flexibility and cutting-edge technology to create masterpieces expressed exactly how the artists intended.

The entrance to LG Display x Peaches project OLED Art Wave

First stop, the Garage

Works of artists Sinae Yoo and Heemin Chung

With classic, sports and super cars at the heart of Peaches’ culture, the garage is where it’s at. Visitors will bear witness to immersive graphic art inside as well, displayed beautifully on OLED panels of course. Artist Sinae Yoo’s Petrichor resembles a futuristic car audio system while an OLED display plays a video to take the immersive experience to a whole new level. Another artist, Heemin Chung, uses multiple displays to showcase every aspect of her motion graphic in her work of Material Matters to the audience.

Artist’s note: “For this exhibition, I did what I always wanted to do which is create heavy, high resolution motion graphics. After seeing for myself the incredible impact OLED’s clarity and precision can have on my work, I’ve been convinced of its potential to deliver any artist’s perspective or artwork as close to perfection as it gets.” – Heemin Chung.

Heading next to the Skatepark

Infinite Dreams by Peaches.

Over at the Skatepark entrance, visitors can check out the art collaboration between LG Display and Peaches. A total of nine 65-inch OLED panels cover the ceiling above the stairs leading up to the Skatepark on the rooftop, displaying immersive, dreamlike artwork. And the digital video art – titled Infinite Dreams – continues to play on the walls as well, where five additional OLED panels are installed.

Artist’s note:  “With this exhibition we set out to create an out-of-this-world experience Gen Zers and millennials could really appreciate, since they hold a great understanding of both offline and digital experiences. And with OLED, we’re able to maximize both ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ experiences.” – Peaches.

Next stop, the Lounge

Souvenir(You can’t save now)_01_F by Ram Han

Move further into the lounge and you’ll come across five separate 65-inch OLED displays presenting the fabulous work titled Souvenir(You can’t save now)_01_F of a local digital artist Ram Han, who loves to stress the significance of technology in her art.

Artist’s note: “I’ve always loved working with light because it can express what conventional ink cannot. The source of different light tones and textures comes from the technology I use to create my art. OLED’s transparency, thin bezels, and technology let my imagination run free with all kinds of soft colors, gradations and images at my disposal.” – Ram Han.

The Unknown World by Buttercup

The Unknown World, created by talented artist Buttercup, is another piece exemplifying OLED’s color accuracy and image quality inside the lounge. Depicting a fantasy world through three themes (Poison, Purify, and Heal), Buttercup successfully leverages the excellence of OLED to concoct an imagery of such high quality that’s simply impossible to recreate with an LCD display.

Making one last stop at the Bar

We are in hell when we hurt each other by Jacolby Satterwhite

Over at the bar, visitors can check out the work of American conceptual artist Jacolby Satterwhite. His art piece, We are in hell when we hurt each other, utilizes trusses to create a frame for six OLED displays, which he uses as a canvas to extend his artwork into the digital sphere. The dynamic media is sure to catch the attention of any passerby.

Through OLED ART WAVE: Every Wave You Will Sense, artists have picked OLED as their canvas of choice – and it’s no surprise why. Modern media art requires the most cutting-edge devices and technologies to date to ensure masterpieces to come alive – and OLED provides the perfect solution.

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