LG Display Presents Latest OLED-Inspired Experiences at K-Display 2023

SEOUL, Korea (Aug. 16, 2023) – LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it will present its full lineup of unparalleled OLED technologies at K-Display 2023, KDIA’s (Korea Display Industry Association) largest exhibition, in Seoul from August 16 to 18.

Under its slogan of ‘Always On,’ which represents its commitment to innovating unprecedented viewing experiences inspired by OLED and tailored to various environments, LG Display is running a booth at this year’s K-Display with three distinct zones: ‘Mobility,’ ‘Total Solution,’ and ‘Transparent Future.’

The ‘Mobility’ zone presents the future of mobility with an autonomous concept car that integrates several display technologies into its dashboard, center fascia, rear seats, and other parts of the interior.

LG Display’s 34-inch P-OLED display, which spans the entire dashboard, offers the most advanced driving experience by providing a clear view of the dashboard, navigation system, and all other essential information. Due to its flexible nature that can bend or change shape, the 12-inch P-OLED display can be used to create a unique design, particularly on the various curved surfaces of the vehicle such as the Center Fascia and rear seats, to bring users a next-generation automotive display experience.

In addition, LG Display unveils a range of automotive display solutions through videos, namely ATO (Advanced Thin OLED), which delivers the core strength of OLED leveraging glass substrate for automotive displays at a more competitive price point, and SPM (Switchable Privacy Mode), which controls the display’s viewing angle to ensure the driver’s focus stays firmly on the road.

Regarding its automotive display business, LG Display is strengthening its leading market position based on its differentiated technological competitiveness forged by its Tandem OLED and high-end LCDs, while focusing on expanding its revenue and securing more orders.

Tandem OLED embodies its groundbreaking two-stack OLED technology, which adds an extra organic emitting layer to deliver brighter screens while effectively dispersing energy across OLED components for optimal stability and longer lifespans. LG Display will start mass producing its second-generation Tandem OLED, which heightens the efficiency of organic light-emitting components, this year to further widen the technological gap between itself and its competitors.

P-OLED is LG Display’s unique technology that incorporates innovative Tandem OLED into a flexible plastic substrate to make it slimmer and lighter without sacrificing OLED’s unrivaled picture quality. It uses 60% less power and weighs 80% lighter than LCD displays, making it the ultimate solution for electric vehicles in particular.

The ‘Total Solution’ zone highlights the company’s technological leadership by showcasing its full range of OLED displays, from the 42-inch to the largest 97-inch OLED TV panels. Especially, the booth highlights LG Display’s innovative META Technology which marked an important milestone after a decade of OLED innovation. This technology incorporates a ‘Micro Lens Array (MLA)’ to optimize organic light emissions and a brightness-enhancing algorithm, ‘META Booster,’ to boost energy efficiency by up to 22%, coming together to unlock unprecedented OLED brightness and viewing angles.

LG Display’s third-generation OLED TV panel featuring META Technology not only boasts the brightest screen among all existing OLED TV panels with a peak brightness of 2,100 nits (HDR standard), but also accurately reproduces perfect blacks and a diverse array of natural lights and colors to deliver immersive viewing that blurs the line between virtual and reality.

The gaming-optimized 45-inch Ultra-Wide OLED and 27-inch OLED panels secure flawless screen transitions and super-smooth images with their industry-leading 0.03ms response time and 240Hz refresh rate. These panels also leverage CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) technology, which combines with advanced AI algorithms to ensure a vivid, immersive gaming experience by emitting sound directly from the screen, without a separate speaker.

LG Display also introduced small-to-medium-sized OLED technologies to inspire even greater form factors. The 17-inch Foldable OLED for laptops delivers crease-free, crystal-clear picture quality with a curvature of 2.5R (radius of curvature 2.5mm) that offers enough flexibility to adjust angles and transform into a portable monitor, laptop, or tablet. This innovation redefines the meaning of multifunctionality in consumer electronics, as does the revolutionary ‘8-inch 360-degree Foldable OLED’ which folds both inwards and outwards to let users choose different form factors for different tasks.

The 0.42-inch OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon) for AR glasses employs an OLED layer on its silicon wafer and boasts an ultra-high 3,500 pixels per inch (PPI) resolution to add more immersion to augmented reality devices.

Furthermore, LG Display highlights its distinctive high-end LCD technology prowess by showcasing its comprehensive portfolio. This includes the 27-inch 4K IPS Black panel for monitors, which leverages IPS Black, a wide viewing angle technology that also enhances contrast ratio, to deliver true-to-life clarity and more accurate colors. The company is also demonstrating its 16-inch IPS gaming panel for laptops which has an ultra-high refresh rate of 480Hz, wide viewing angles, and low power consumption.

The ‘Transparent Future’ zone introduces various sizes to its Transparent OLED lineup, including its first 30- and 77-inch variations on top of its existing 55-inch Transparent OLED and curved Transparent OLEDs, to showcase the evolution of this game-changing form factor.

To demonstrate Transparent OLED’s boundless potential in the retail world, LG Display partnered with the global coffee chain Starbucks to bring forth a futuristic store concept utilizing Transparent OLEDs. With the implementation of a Transparent OLED display positioned between the cashier and customers, coffee lovers can view various information such as product pickup notifications and store promotions. This initiative is anticipated to demonstrate the heightened potential utility of Transparent OLED technology in retail environments.

LG Display, the world’s only manufacturer of Transparent OLED, is reshaping spatial experiences by inventing display’s that mimic the see-through experience delivered by glass panels while showcasing various information and graphic effects at the same time. Since Transparent OLED can be applied to virtually any surface (windows, walls, floors, etc.), it enables a more effective use of limited indoor spaces. As a result, it is being increasingly adopted in new areas like retail, architecture, mobility, and digital art.

An official from LG Display stated, “We will continue to introduce the most exclusive and innovative viewing experiences that encompass our wide range of OLED solutions, which range from ultra-large, small, small-to-medium, and ultra-small displays to automotive and transparent displays.”

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