LG Display Unveils Latest Transparent OLED Solutions for Mobility at ‘InnoTrans 2022’

SEOUL, Korea (Sep. 20, 2022) – LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it will showcase its most advanced Transparent OLED solutions for mobility at InnoTrans 2022, the world’s largest trade fair for transport technology, in Berlin, Germany between September 20 and 23.

In partnership with LG Electronics, LG Display will be introducing its innovative Transparent OLED solutions that can be applied to various forms of public transport, demonstrating the powerful potential of Transparent OLED to not only provide new and unparalleled experiences, but also cutting-edge solutions that combine innovation, convenience and function to enhance people’s lifestyles.

LG Display will unveil its ‘Transparent OLED for Subway Trains’ which employs Israeli material science company Gauzy’s SPD (Suspended Particle Device) Smart Glass – a special tempered glass – in an IGU (Insulated Glass Unit) to give it the enhanced strength and durability to handle strong impacts and vibrations. This innovative Transparent OLED solution can be used to replace standard train windows with immersive, high-quality displays that present advertisements, news and weather forecasts on screen while maintaining high transparency. In addition, it blocks up to 99% of light when SPD is on, creating an even higher contrast for color rich displays in shifting lighting conditions.

The company will also showcase the ‘Smart Digital Information Desk’ which will transform an ordinary train station’s information desk into a medium for accurate information delivery. This cutting-edge Transparent solution with touch functionality will enable people to enjoy a more interactive experience by allowing travelers to converse with desk employees through the Transparent OLED screen, which simultaneously visualizes various useful information including live train times, emergency notices, nearby facilities and local tourist attractions.

LG Display will also unveil the ‘Show Window’ with its four 55-inch Transparent OLEDs arranged in a 2×2 square, which is able to overlay text, images and video content in front of products to create a captivating brand platform, ideal for developing welcome boards, photo zones or interactive display spaces with a difference.

In addition to LG Display’s booth at InnoTrans 2022, Germany’s national railway company ‘Deutsche Bahn’ will also showcase its next-generation concept train which uses Transparent OLED displays for its windows, presenting the next step in future train technology development.

Since 2020, LG Display, the world’s only manufacturer of Transparent OLED, has supplied its Transparent OLED panels to a number of subway trains in major Chinese cities including Beijing, Shenzhen and Fuzhou, and to Japan’s overground East Japan Railway Company trains. LG Display plans to further expand the application of Transparent OLEDs in the mobility sector by targeting countries with expansive railway usage across North America, Europe, Japan, and China.

Moving on from mobility, LG Display’s Transparent OLEDs have also been applied across the retail, office, interior and design sectors, and have even played their part in art exhibitions, to invent completely unique customer experiences.

Rail Market Research predicts a strong, positive outlook for the European transportation industry, while global strategic consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) expects the global Transparent OLED market to double every year this decade, reaching a total value of around USD 2.7 billion by 2025 and USD 10 billion by 2030. Utilizing the versatility and endless possibilities of Transparent OLED, LG Display will continue to pioneer new markets that redefine space as we know it today.

“Based on our leading OLED technology, we have continued to create new markets by innovating new use cases for our Transparent OLED panels across various fields including the global transportation industry, as we strive to shift the landscape of global mobility and build on our leadership in the European market” said Min-woo Cho, Head of Transparent Display Business Division at LG Display.

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