Transparent OLED Meets K-Pop: an Eccentric Blend of Tech and Culture

LG Display recently teamed up with SM Brand Marketing, a subsidiary of the K-Pop powerhouse SM Entertainment, to take its KWANGYA@SEOUL flagship store to another level. In just a short time, the venue has already captured the imagination of K-pop fans across the globe with its perfect depiction of the ‘KWANGYA’ universe. The dreamy atmosphere the store exudes was made possible by a combination of exclusive SM Entertainment content and LG Display’s Transparent OLED technology, which helps realizes a physical metaverse where real and virtual worlds coexist. This is your virtual invitation to KWANGYA@SEOUL, a futuristic space filled with Transparent OLED displays expressing floating images from nature, space, and everything in between.

Bringing a new, transparent dimension to the ‘KWANGYA’ universe

33 Transparent OLED panels covering the entire floor at KWANG@SEOUL

Greeting visitors to KWANGYA@SEOUL is the ‘T-Floor solution,’ a compilation of 33 Transparent OLED panels that spread across the entire floor, which presents videos of XIUMIN from ‘EXO’ and ‘NCT’ group members as well as incredible ‘KWANGYA’ universe images including waves, dust storms, computer elements and typo designs inspired by its world-famous artists. Additionally, various K-pop goods such as autographed albums and light sticks have been placed under the transparent displays to match the videos being presented, providing aesthetically pleasing visuals on top of useful information.

Resembling a ‘Go’ game board, the floor’s employment of Transparent OLED panels allows it to be limitlessly expanded. It’s also perfect for indoor installation as it generates less heat than LED panels. In addition, a special tempered glass is applied to withstand the weight of heavy furniture and visitors.

This application of Transparent OLED displays was undoubtedly the missing piece to the ‘KWANGYA’ universe experience, thanks to their ability to harmonize the physical KWANGYA@SEOUL store with its fascinating virtual world.

Transparent Showcases present intriguing SM Entertainment narratives

▲ Solo album by SEULGI of ‘Red Velvet’ presented through the Transparent Showcase.gif

Other LG Display technologies creating headlines at KWANGYA@SEOUL include the Transparent Showcases located at the store’s entrance, which have been set up to highlight the recently released solo album by SEULGI of ‘Red Velvet’ and a toy character designed by Key of ‘SHINee’. With these products placed behind the transparent display as it exhibits various videos, these showcases give off a sense of unity to make sure it goes beyond conventional TV adverts. LG Display’s Transparent Showcase possesses the unique ability to simultaneously deliver product information and promotional messages by delivering the most colorful and dynamic music videos, 3D characters and logos that allow a kind of storytelling we’ve never seen before.

An ever-evolving ‘KWANGYA’ universe powered by OLED

Transparent OLED does not require any backlight, so it boasts a transparency of 45% that gives a clear view of the display and objects behind it. It portrays the ‘KWANGYA’ universe’s true essence by embodying the identity of SM Entertainment and its outstanding artists. People working with SM Entertainment commented on the Transparent OLED’s vivid, crystal-clear image quality, saying how “the technology expresses the brand story of ‘KWANGYA’ beautifully, as a ‘Connector’ of reality and virtual reality.”

Maximizing the self-emissive nature of LG Display’s one-of-a-kind OLED technology, Transparent OLED is rapidly making its way through different spaces like the office, art exhibitions, and shops to create a medium for a new kind of experience, art, and storytelling. LG Display will continue to leverage Transparent OLED’s thin, versatile design to redefine the way users do the ordinary.

Transparent OLED is exploring its endless possibilities that go beyond the art scene, including its potential in interior, party and cultural spaces. Through this collaboration with K-pop giant SM Entertainment, LG Display successfully infused its futuristic Transparent OLED technology into the K-Pop world. Equally as visionary as the ‘KWANGYA’ universe, Transparent OLED’s ever-growing potential is going to change the world in so many ways, so watch this space for more up-and-coming collaborations that creatively play with famous spaces and exhibitions!

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