[2023 OLED Korea Conference]
LG Display Ignites Importance of OLED in
Fast-Evolving Automotive Display Industry

On April 13th, LG Display delivered a keynote speech on the future of OLED displays in the automotive industry at the “2023 OLED Korea Conference” hosted by market research firm, UBI Research. Sang-hyun Ahn, Vice President and Head of Auto Sales Division at LG Display, shared his insights on automotive display and OLED technology trends before touching on the future of OLED innovation within the mobility sphere. With the world’s transition to green cars underway, let’s explore the reasons behind the soaring interests in OLED technology and how it is ready to transform the way we move around!

Accelerating into the Future with Revolutionary Automotive OLED

In the 120 years since the automobile was invented, the advancement of exterior design has eclipsed that of the interior. However, with the new millennium giving rise to cars of the future (electric, connected, and autonomous vehicles), interiors have begun rapidly evolving with displays at the forefront. Once merely used to get from A to B, the car is now undergoing its transformation into a digital device where passengers can enjoy all kinds of content. As a result, displays are extending beyond the center console to the dashboard, seats, and side mirrors in forms such as integrated displays like LG Display’s pillar-to-pillar display, which connects between car pillars to maximize immersion.

The increasing desire for large, high-quality displays that cater to diverse content is leading to a growing adoption of OLEDs in cars. This trend is apparent from the rising proportion of OLED displays installed in automobiles, corresponding to the increasing number of displays. According to the report from Korean media, the market size for displays used in automotive is set to grow by 11% this year compared to last year, from about $8.6 billion to $9.6 billion. The expansion is driven by the surging demand for OLED panels and displays larger than 10 inches. Overall, this is a promising time for OLED technology, and the automotive industry can expect exciting advancements in displays.

‘LG Display’s P-OLED,’ the premium automotive OLED

LG Display receives the ‘High Visibility Automotive OLED’ certification from TÜV Rheinland

OLED stands out as a premium display solution in the automotive industry, boasting a range of advantages. Its exceptional color accuracy, sleek design, and eco-friendliness make it a top contender in the market. What’s more, with each pixel emitting light, OLED delivers outstanding picture quality with perfect blacks and a wide color expression. The technology’s high design flexibility is another standout feature, allowing for Bendable and Foldable displays thanks to the absence of a backlight. This proves OLED to be an exciting and versatile technology that promises cutting-edge displays for the automotive industry.

P-OLED for automobiles, which combines Tandem OLED with a flexible plastic substrate, is ideal for electric cars as, compared to traditional LCDs, it reduces power consumption by 60%, weight by 85%, and thickness by 80%. This special display even received the first-ever Eye Comfort Display certification in the automotive industry for its low blue light emissions and low light reflection that offer users viewing experiences that go easy on their eyes.

LG Display’s innovative vision for the premium automotive industry

Slidable OLED (left) and Transparent OLED (right) that are emerging as displays for future cars

As LG Display’s market share in the automotive OLED market continues to grow with 65.9% of the market share according to the report from Korean Media, it is now collaborating with top global premium car manufacturers to unveil various solutions later this year. LG Display is not only developing curved OLED designs but is also working on new form factors such as slidable displays that leverage OLED’s ultra-thin nature. In addition, extensive research and consideration are being conducted on Transparent OLED technology, which was demonstrated at CES 2023 in the form of LG Display’s awe-inspiring concept car.

The automotive display market is rapidly evolving, exceeding expectations at every turn. And, LG Display remains committed to maintaining its position as the leading innovator in both current and future car markets, leveraging cutting-edge technologies. As we embark on a journey that will shape the future of the automotive industry, stay tuned to see what’s next for LG Display!

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