LG Display Wins Technology Award for its OLED TV Panels at HiVi Grand Prix 2022

SEOUL, Korea (Nov. 16, 2022) – LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it has won the Technology Award for its large-sized OLED TV panels based on EX Technology at HiVi Grand Prix 2022, hosted by leading Japanese sound-video media outlet HiVi.

LG Display, the only South Korean company on this year’s award list, has received the award in recognition of its EX Technology’s ability to enhance the picture quality of OLED panels. HiVi annually selects the best audio and video devices of the year through evaluations based on remarkable expertise.

The company’s EX Technology is the culmination of over 10 years of groundbreaking innovation in the display industry, created to deliver the most lifelike images that transcend the limitations of a conventional display. The EX Technology allows the award-winning OLED panels to more precisely represent natural colors and achieve perfect black levels in any environment.

Employing ‘deuterium technology’ and ‘personalized algorithms,’ LG Display’s proprietary EX Technology enhances brightness by up to 30 percent compared to a conventional OLED display. Meanwhile, the bezel thickness has been reduced by 30 percent compared to existing panels, providing the ultimate immersive viewing experience in a more sleek and premium design.

Since mass producing its first 55-inch OLED TV panels in 2013, LG Display has gone on to pioneer the popularization of OLED in the premium TV market by constantly evolving the capabilities of OLED over the past decade. The company has commercialized the world’s first Rollable, Wallpaper, 8K, and Transparent OLED panels, all the while continuing to lead the industry through its powerful OLED panel lineups that range from the medium-sized 42-inch OLED panel to the gigantic 97-inch OLED panel.

This will be LG Display’s third time receiving the HiVi Grand Prix Technology Award. The company was also granted the global award back in 2016 for its honorable contribution to the development and mass production of large OLED panels, and in 2012, it was jointly awarded with LG Electronics in recognition of the FPR 3D technology.

“LG Display is dedicated to solidifying its leaderships in the OLED market by continuously innovating the quality of its self-emissive technologies,” said Jin Min-kyu, Head of Life Display Promotion Division at LG Display.

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