LG Display Takes Over IMID 2022 with its Industry-Leading OLED Technologies

Not long after making a grand impression at this year’s K-Display, LG Display is once again making a splash with its futuristic displays at the International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) 2022 from August 23rd to 26th in Busan, Korea. IMID is another highly influential tradeshow in Korea for the display scene, as it gives a platform to leading academia and major industry players to share their knowledge and expertise. At this year’s show, LG Display is set to present its most recent research breakthroughs and industry-leading tech. Let’s read on to get the lowdown on LG Display’s presence at IMID 2022 and discover how its innovations will shape the future of the display industry.

Endless research to bring the best out of OLED

LG Display announces its research results

At IMID 2022, LG Display is unveiling several research papers backing OLED’s superiority over conventional displays. These studies delve into the company’s latest large-sized OLED technology, or OLED.EX, the next-gen TV panel, AI technologies and more. Considering the increasingly growing interest in the show-stealing OLED.EX, it’s no surprise that the OLED.EX-focused research paper is receiving the most attention. OLED.EX is the company’s latest OLED display based on EX Technology combining deuterium and personalized algorithms to boost brightness by 30% and achieve vivid colors and true blacks. In addition, LG Display’s other research topics include advanced display performance through AI and deep learning technologies, improved production efficiency by reducing circuit design time, and more!

Innovative OLED solutions in the spotlight

(Top left) 97-inch OLED.EX, (Bottom left) 34-inch curved P-OLED, (Right) 17-inch Foldable OLED for laptops

Going beyond its truly fascinating research results, LG Display is allowing visitors to experience its innovative OLED solutions firsthand at its booth. Visitors are able to check out the company’s 97-inch OLED.EX display, 34-inch curved P-OLED automotive panel, and 17-inch Foldable OLED laptop panel. Particularly standing out from the crowd is LG Display’s Film Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) technology, which provides remarkable viewing and listening experiences by the sound directly from the display, with no additional speakers necessary. With people more inclined to invest in a home cinema and gaming these days, the demand for higher picture quality and sound is increasing. In accordance with the release of OLED.EX with Film CSO technology, LG Display aims to realize an evaluation method that can objectively quantify sound quality while considering the viewer’s environment to optimize the audio experience.

The future of OLED is limitless

(Left) OLEDoS, (Center) 13.7-inch Transparent OLED in-TOUCH, (Right) 8-inch 360° Foldable

This year’s IMID also marks the company’s first unveiling of its next-gen OLED displays in Korea – a lineup that includes the OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon), 13.7-inch Transparent OLED in-TOUCH and 8-inch 360° Foldable panels. OLEDoS is specially designed for VR and AR content with its silicon wafer-based OLED prioritizing a lightweight, thin form and easy-to-wear characteristics. Through its ultra-high 3,500 pixels per inch (PPI) resolution, OLEDoS provides the immersive experience needed to take the metaverse to another level. Next up, the company’s 13.7-inch Transparent OLED in-TOUCH not only boasts a high transparency rate, it also utilizes touch electrode technology to increase touch sensitivity to enhance the user experience. Finally, the 8-inch 360° Foldable OLED display demonstrates flexible usability and durability through its high-tech, two-way folding form factor that almost defies logic.

Join LG Display on the next leg of its display journey

LG Display’s head-turning exhibition at this year’s IMID is set to demonstrate the limitless potential of the company’s OLED technologies in the display industry at home and abroad. The company will continue to explore its passion for inventing displays that change the way we live for the better. There are more exhibitions and events LG Display will attend that you can follow to receive updates on the ever-upgrading OLED tech, so stay tuned for LG Display’s next move!

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