Inside K-Display 2022 – A Closer Look at LG Display’s ‘Innovative Future City with OLED’

K-Display, the largest display exhibition in Korea, welcomed thousands of visitors to Seoul’s COEX Convention & Exhibition Center between August 10 and 12. Recognized as the place to learn the latest display information, technology trends and market status, this exhibition was bustling with people eager to experience the displays that will one day transform our lives.

The LG Display booth was made up of three zones: OLED.EX Town, Transparent OLED Town, and OLED Plaza under the company’s exhibition theme, ‘A City Inspired by OLED.’ The futurist space presented attendees with the unique opportunity to discover a future city landscape thorugh various cutting-edge OLED solutions. We proudly invite you to look around the innovative future city portrait LG Display and OLED depicted.

OLED.EX Town: Unveiling Evolutionary OLED.EX Models

(Left and center) 97-inch OLED.EX with Film CSO Technology / (Right) 48-in. and 42-in. OLED.EX

The first of the three zones, OLED.EX Town, revealed the complete OLED.EX lineup including 97-inch OLED.EX, the largest OLED panel in history, and the small-medium sized 48-inch and 42-inch OLED.EX panels. With deuterium enhancing the stability of light emission and ‘personalized algorithms’ optimizing picture quality by learning individual viewing patterns, OLED.EX is the fruit of LG Display’s most advanced technologies.

OLED.EX’s edge comes from its 30%-boosted brightness levels, sheer perfect images created by original colors and texture without distortion, and perfect black. The benefits of OLED.EX go way beyond picture quality though, as it also protects the audience’s eyes by minimizing harmful blue light while boasting an elegant form topped off by its thickness – 30% thinner than conventional panels.

The newly-released 97-inch OLED uses Film CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) technology to create sound directly from the display instead of external speakers, for an irresistible viewing and listening experience of via a 5.1 channel sound system and crystal-clear images.

Transparent OLED Town: The Most Complete Transparent Lineup Ever

Transparent Media Art Wall

Now it’s time to turn our gaze to the ‘Transparent OLED Town,’ where LG Display demonstrated how its Transparent OLED solutions fit in anywhere – shops, workplaces, you name it. Transparent OLED allows business to showcase their products while overlaying information and imagery.

Transparent Media Art Wall uses 16 Transparent OLED displays to create a huge digital canvas for visual content while flawlessly matching any interior with its glass appearance. It works as a state-of-the-art device and elegant piece of furniture at the same time, opening a new chapter of ‘techniture’ (a mix of tech and furniture). With its seamless Transparent OLED integration and sophisticated wooden stand, Transparent Showcase maximizes the advertisement effect by simultaneously showing products and information/visual effects.

Transparent Wall Skin, a Transparent OLED-equipped modular panel, can be attached and detached from the wall with ease. Its simple and easy installation process means it can be moved from one place to another with ease, which is a major reason why it’s being utilized in healthcare facilities, workplaces and hotels. Transparent OLED Solution for Conference Room, aka E-Crystal, is the final solution shown.

Transparent OLED Solution for Conference Rooms (E-Crystal)

It’s a glass wall with a Transparent OLED embedded into it to work as either a monitor or TV. This two-in-one display solution is perfect for modern conference rooms that prioritize practicality. Office meeting rooms have never felt more open thanks to Transparent OLED’s crystalline transparency.

OLED Plaza Revealed All New OLED Concept Products

Movable Tripod, Trolley, Scroll, H-Beam (concept products)

Finally, the magnificent ‘OLED Plaza’ uncovered 4 groundbreaking OLED TV concepts derived from the company’s global design contest and academic partnerships. And the way these OLED-inspired devices leveraged the unique attributes of OLED, while also taking design aesthetics to a whole new level, blew visitors away.

The Movable Tripod can be moved effortlessly around any space and its viewing angle customized to deliver the ideal viewing angle. It can even switch between portrait and landscape mode so that users can get the most out of different content. Trolley uses a handle and wheels and can slide up and down to tailor its screen size while also providing handy status notifications including AOD (Always on Display) or general mode. The winner of LG Display’s inaugural OLEDs GO! design competition, Scroll, boasts a glass-like display in a sleek, curved silhouette. H-Beam, a product made in collaboration with the globally-recognized Jiyoun Kim Studio, accents OLED’s smooth lines with its eye-catching H-Beam structure – hence the name – and bold frame that come together seamlessly to amplify the contemporary mood of any space.

Freely evolving form factors with expanded usability and convenience

(Left) 34-inch Curved P-OLED / (Right) 17-inch Foldable P-OLED

Thanks to the power and thinness of OLED, so many completely new and innovative form factors are able to be invented, like the 34-inch Curved P-OLED display which is now the world’s largest automotive panel. The P-OLED display’s razor-thin design is something LCD could never match. What’s more, its curvature and aesthetics can be altered according to the vehicle’s dashboard to bring the driver’s dream interior to life. Furthermore, with its outstanding visibility making driving safer, P-OLED checks every box to become the next-gen automotive display! Foldable P-OLED’s freely foldable form factor can serve various purposes, and no matter how many times it’s folded, the display’s enhanced durability ensure it will not crease while still providing the unparalleled picture quality that fully immerses users in the rapidly-evolving digital world.

Visitors taking a photo behind the Transparent Photo Wall

To make it a day they’d never forgot, Transparent Photo Wall provided the most Instagrammable spot in the entire venue to let visitors share their futuristic experience on social media. Through every state-of-the-art OLED technology and solutions on show at this year’s K-Display, participants could see through a window into the future of displays. As it continues to make waves at various influential exhibitions across the globe, LG Display is sharing the infinite possibilities of OLED technology in its journey to make OLED the world’s go-to display!

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