Transparent OLED, the perfect solution to revitalizing your office space!

At OIF 2022 in June, LG Display introduced a wide range of innovative technologies, including Transparent OLED-based solutions in collaboration with Gensler, a global architecture and design firm, and Maars Living Walls, a built environment product manufacturer. Among the many use cases that can benefit from their integration into daily life, Transparent OLEDs can activate a space and the programming within it when combined with architecture, especially office interior design. Also, Transparent OLED technology is already actively used in various fields including art, retail, and transportation. Let’s take a look at how the infinite potential of Transparent OLEDs will change our office environment and the overall building industry.

A Transparent OLED partition on display at OIF 2022 (Source: OLED Space)

Collaboration between LG Display x Gensler x Maars Living Walls

A Transparent OLED partition on display at OIF 2022 (Source: OLED Space)

In recent years, there have been many changes in the office environment globally. The main drivers are the prevalence of remote work and video conference meetings. The growing popularity of the metaverse and the technological development of experiential platforms, such as VR/AR, are also cited as other reasons. These various changes alter the way people work and the environment of the office should adapt accordingly. The modular partition, a collaborative product by LG Display, Gensler, and Maars Living Walls, is a perfect example of supporting unique physical and digital experiences. This product boasts increased openness and functionality by incorporating a Transparent OLED into M923., a product designed by Gensler and Maars Living Walls. When the screen is turned off, it becomes transparent like glass, creating a cool and open atmosphere. It is also still perfectly capable of being used as a normal partition to separate spaces.

What will be the effect of Transparent OLED in the office?

Transparent OLED partitions for office use are equally useful in both business and private spaces

This collaboration between LG Display, Gensler, and Maars Living Walls to create new Transparent OLED solutions will have three major effects. First, it will structure interior spaces for short- and long-term flexibility. Where Transparent OLEDs are installed, the walls can be freely used as either a video conference space or a place for social events without the visual disruption of a traditional display. A room can be transformed from a workspace into a place for meditation and health promotion. It defines open areas with the right type of functionality, and the right balance of porosity and privacy, for the task and tenant at hand. Second, Transparent OLED can be thought of as a new building material that can create an environment that has never been experienced before, and since there is a greater need for products that give us the ability to transform and customize our spaces in the future, it will create a high-touch environment through the integration of “interior + technology.” Lastly, it is more convenient to use for work while maintaining excellent quality. This is because Transparent OLEDs maximize the viewing experience no matter what content is shown on the screen through clear and accurate image quality and rich color expression.

Transparent OLED attracted Gensler and Maars Living Walls

Michael Luck Schneider, Director of Media Architecture

“[It is an] architectural material that allows us to integrate technology into space in a way that is natural and seamless. Having digital display technology embedded in your environment enables the end user to rapidly change that environment to meet the needs of the people who are using that space,” said Michael Luck Schneider, Director of Media Architecture at Gensler.

Richard Camacho, Sales Director at Maars Living Walls, said, “Transparent OLED I see having endless possibilities. Even though the display is transparent, the colors are really vivid and sharp. Seeing it in many different applications really makes me believe that within our product portfolio, we can actually integrate it within all our wall systems.”

How can it be utilized in construction?

An example use of a Transparent OLED display

The ultimate advantage of Transparent OLED technology is that it challenges the norms of physical spaces. That’s because of the unique flexibility of Transparent OLEDs that allow anyone to freely change the environment of a space according to personal needs. Thanks to this, Transparent OLED can be used not only in general offices but also in places as diverse as medical offices and shopping malls. In fact, Transparent OLEDs have already been used to maximize the exhibition experience at the National Museum of China, and in a collaboration with Paris Baguette, a Korea-based bakery company, to increase the liveliness of a store space. They’re also active in many other places! Since spatial configurations that were previously impossible to realize can now be created with Transparent OLEDs, they are creating endless possibilities in the construction field.

The potential of Transparent OLEDs just keeps growing! With the collaboration of LG Display, Gensler, and Maars Living Walls, Transparent OLED brings new possibilities. And, in the future, we will make efforts to collaborate with partners across diverse fields to enhance the places we work and play through the utilization of Transparent OLEDs.

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