[CES2022] 05. Smart Window, Metro, OLED Gate

Smart Window

At CES 2022, LG Display presents ways that its Transparent OLED displays can revolutionize people’s daily lives. The first suggestion is the Smart Window, which is a conference room window that comprises Transparent OLED instead of regular glass. This is possible because Transparent OLED technology does not require a backlight and has 40% transparency as well as a clear picture quality.

With this innovative Smart Window, you can enjoy panoramic views from your window while at the same time using the display for video conferencing, presentations, entertainment, and more. It has the advantage of providing an open and futuristic feel for an office and saving on space previously taken up by TVs, monitors and other displays.


LG Display presents another use of its Transparent OLED technology for subway trains. The subway car windows can be replaced with 55-inch Transparent OLED displays with a high level of clarity and transparency in various backgrounds and lighting conditions.  Also, because the company’s Transparent OLED displays for subway trains use special tempered glass, it maintains strong durability against shock and vibration.

Using Transparent OLED displays on the subway lets people enjoy the scenery outside the window all the while using the windows for infotainment, maps, and advertisements – adding a new kind of experience to the normal commute.


Finally, LG Display presents the Transparent OLED Gate, which is made up of four 55-inch Transparent OLED displays. This product installs OLED displays into automatic glass doors to provide a sense of openness and an opportunity to display different types of visual content. Since it has high transparency, it harmonizes naturally with any environment.

The Transparent OLED Gate can be used as Transparent OLED digital signage that provides different types of information, or as a security door by including facial recognition and touchscreen functionality. With this concept, you can check weather and schedule information, provide art or advertisements, and create a futuristic and sophisticated customer value experience compared to regular glass doors.

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