[CES2022] 03. Show Window, Shopping Managing Showcase

Show Window

At CES 2022, LG Display presents the future of everyday living that only Transparent OLED can realize. The first concept is the Show Window with four 55-inch transparent OLEDs arranged 2×2 in a square. This can be used in the same type of space where advertisements or signs are hung up in a store, and the ads can be displayed digitally in the window. With Transparent OLED displays, the Show Window can show a new advertisement every day just in front of the actual product to maximize the advertising effects. It also makes the shop floor feel more open and accessible to all customers, providing a new and more spacious shopping experience.

The Show Window is currently arranged in a 2×2 square. However, more displays can be added to make the installation 2×3, 3×3 or even larger, so that it can fit into a variety of different shopping areas. It can be utilized as a welcome board, a photo zone, or an interactive display space.

Shopping Managing Showcase

As the Show Window is for external usage, so we have another product, the Shopping Managing Showcase, for internal usage. This product combines a Transparent OLED display with high-end wooden stand and features a combination of a Transparent OLED screen and actual products behind it to enhance advertising effects.

You can see both the product and product information simultaneously through the Transparent OLED, which brings a highly unique value to the conventional shopping experience. The Shopping Managing Showcase can be especially useful in a high-end luxury goods store to more effectively promote their products.

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