Major Tech Award Steers P-OLED into Spotlight

There can be little doubt the world is racing towards a new vision of mobility, and alongside innovations like autonomous driving and eco-friendly solutions, we have in-vehicle display technology turning imagination into reality. At the forefront is LG Display’s Automotive P-OLED – so much so that the company has just won the highest honor for the most revolutionary technology of the year at the 2021 Korea Technology Awards in Seoul, the Presidential Award.

The vehicle cabin of the future has become a reality thanks to LG Display’s Automotive P-OLED

This award confirms that LG Display has developed a technology that not only boasts excellent performance but also holds the potential to create an industry-wide ripple effect. Automotive P-OLED now shares the prestige of LG Display’s 65-inch Rollable OLED, which won the Presidential Award in 2019.

What makes Automotive P-OLED revolutionary?

Apart from being the first of its kind in the world to be commercialized, Automotive P-OLED features self-emissive pixels which create exceptional picture quality. When you apply this benefit to vehicles, it provides drivers with outstanding clarity and visibility, regardless of what time of day it is.

“Driving stability is a significant advantage of Automotive P-OLED, as its fast response speed and clear delivery of driving information, even at night, allows people to drive safely,” explains Kwon Keuk-sang, Vice President and Head of Auto Product Development at LG Display. Automotive P-OLED’s safety and reliability has been confirmed by passing the demanding specifications of major global automakers, opening the way for LG Display to roll this technology out.

Kwon adds that Automotive P-OLED has the “competitiveness to differentiate designs to suit the interior of the vehicle.” This allows curved displays and seamless bezels, as P-OLED ensures the durability and flexibility needed for vehicle displays, while its self-emissive nature means there’s no need for a backlight – a major design advantage over LCD screens because space and aesthetics are arguably more valuable than ever in a vehicle environment.

What’s more, there is a strong synergy between Automotive P-OLED and other future-oriented mobility technologies. For instance, because these displays are lightweight and use much less power than LCDs, they are particularly favorable for electric vehicles.

Widespread recognition

The Presidential Award is not the first time that Automotive P-OLED has been recognized. Indeed, just a few months back at Display Week 2021 presented by SID, LG Display’s ultra-large 4-in-1 Automotive P-OLED won Best New Display Component in the People’s Choice Awards.

LG Display’s T-shaped Automotive P-OLED won Best New Display Component at Display Week 2021

Automotive P-OLED has also earned the backing of Germany-based inspection service TÜV Rheinland – becoming the first automotive display to earn its Eye Comfort Display certification, as well as being certified as a High Visibility Automotive OLED product.

Of course, in order to achieve these picture quality, design, safety, and eye comfort advantages, there has been a tremendous focus on the research and development side by LG Display. And Kwon says the Presidential Award is a source of “great pride” to the members who took part in developing and mass-producing Automotive P-OLED.

Their innovations are set to become even more important in a future that may see vehicles become fully autonomous, as the mobility experience continues to develop into the stuff of dreams.

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