LG Display Ushers in New Era for Displays with its Time-Honored OLED Tech at IFA 2022

With the strict social-distancing rules of the last two years finally being lifted, IFA 2022 – Europe’s largest tech show – is getting back to its full-scale best! Companies and industry experts alike have never been more excited to see what’s in store for the highly-anticipated reboot of one of the most influential trade shows in Europe.

LG Display is not shying away from the spotlight for this momentous occasion. Under its “Evolutionary Experience of OLED” theme, the company is gearing up to wow thousands of tech enthusiasts heading to Berlin with its latest OLED solutions which perfectly demonstrate why its 10 years of pioneering OLED technologies matter.

EX Technology – The pinnacle of OLED technology

65-inch OLED with ‘EX Technology’

At this year’s IFA, LG Display is showcasing various OLED displays including the 65-inch OLED, employing ‘EX Technology,’ the culmination of 10 years of OLED research and development. LG Display’s proprietary EX Technology employs deuterium to stabilize light emission and personalized algorithms that optimize picture quality by learning individual viewing patterns.

The uniqueness of OLED displays based on the EX Technology comes from the ultra-realistic images created through true-to-life colors and textures without distortion, perfect blacks and, of course, its trademark 30%-brighter picture quality. But the value of the latest OLED panels doesn’t just lie in its impressive picture quality. It also comes from their ability to provide easy-on-the-eyes images by limiting blue light.

From compact to colossal – the most complete OLED lineup

A visitor comparing 97-inch to 42-inch OLED

LG Display’s OLED lineup uniquely offers a wide range of sizes that cater to different living spaces and content needs – from its impressively large 97-inch display all the way down to its compact 42-inch panel.

With big TVs growing in popularity, the massive 97-inch OLED – the largest OLED TV display in the world – is a stunning example of “the bigger the better.” This gargantuan display produces the most detailed ‘Natural Reality’ by applying EX Technology.

Meanwhile, the 42-inch panel packs everything users adore about OLED into a smaller size that’s ideal for working in small spaces or completing the ultimate desktop gaming setup.

77-inch 8K OLED promises depth, immersion, and clarity

77-inch 8K OLED

Next up is the 77-inch 8K OLED with its 33 million self-emissive pixels that realize accurate, ultra-high-resolution images and perfect black to maximize the sense of immersion and depth. Thanks to its exquisite, natural picture quality, users can enjoy the most immersive viewing experience from any angle courtesy of its self-emissive pixels achieving the deepest blacks for crisp contrast levels and detailed images, meaning even the finest details are hard to miss.

This is just a handful of the LG Display products on display at Europe’s largest consumer electronics trade show, so head to the LG Display newsroom right now to learn about the other next-gen technologies testing the limits of innovation at IFA 2022.

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