A global design contest to explore OLED’s infinite future

The Rollable OLED TV released by LG last year was a bold innovation that reminded the world there are no limits to display form factors. It completely broke preconceptions about what a television is with its rollable panel and modern design.

Naturally, we might wonder what else is possible. LG Display investigated this very question by teaming up with British magazine Dezeen.

In search of OLED’s future possibilities

LG Display and Dezeen kicked off the “OLEDs Go!” global design competition last November, attracting 220 entries from over 50 countries.

A jury made up of Dezeen editors, LG Display executives, and other design experts then had to decide which entries best incorporated the infinite possibilities of OLED into their imaginative work. Here we highlight the top five.

Richard Bone & Jisu Yun, Scroll

Inspired by an unwrapped scroll, “Scroll” is both highly innovative and versatile. It features a display that functions as a TV but becomes transparent and blends into its surroundings when not in use. It also has a wide shelf component that is not just decorative as it houses a speaker underneath and can hold items such as books. With its luxurious design, Scroll can elevate any interior and is adaptable to the user’s lifestyle.

Jean-Michel Rochette, Signal

“Signal” takes its inspiration from a book, using OLED’s bendable technology to create a unique design. When folded, it can be used as both a speaker and mood lamp. When unfolded, it opens up to be a TV display. Signal has a fabric cover that is customizable in three colors.

Doyeon Shin, Flag.R

“Flag.R” emerged from LG Display’s unique rollable design. The OLED screen resembles a flag when fully unrolled, when it can be viewed as a TV. When completely rolled up, it can be used as a speaker. In between, Flag.R can be partially opened to check information like album details or lyrics while listening to music, for example. It can be placed wherever desired, making it easy to create a suitable interior for the characteristics of the user’s space.

Gianfranco Vasselli, Console

At first glance, “Console” might look like a display underneath a table. In actual fact, it is designed to stand over a bed so that the user can access various display functions while lying down comfortably. As well as featuring a screen for watching movies or surfing the web, Console can also be used to listen to music, as a light for reading, and as a multimedia clock that provides sleep analysis.

Yunchik Lee & Bomi Kim, Trollie

What if you had an OLED display that could be easily rolled around anywhere in the house like a cart? “Trollie” answers this question as a multipurpose portable OLED display that can be adjusted horizontally or vertically as needed. Trollie opens up the interior creativity, inviting the user to break up traditional display norms for relaxation, exercise, hobby, or work purposes.

And the winner is…

After much anticipation and deliberation, the jury reached a verdict. It must have been challenging to pick just one victor given the level of innovation among the competitors. But which entry stood above the rest?

Scroll by Richard Bone and Jisu Yun won first place in the OLEDs Go! global design contest.

First place went to Scroll, the wall shelf with a transparent display that becomes an OLED TV when needed. This amazing innovation received excellent reviews for making use of the transparency of OLED displays while suggesting a new direction for interior design in the modern home.

Signal was awarded second place, receiving high marks for maximizing space utilization through the design concept of folding an OLED display like a book.

The OLEDs Go! jury awarded second place to Signal by Jean-Michel Rochette.

Flag.R, Console, and Trollie shared third place. They all drew favorable reviews for presenting new concepts optimized for modern lifestyles.

LG Display plans to closely examine the commercial potential of these award-winning products. One thing is for sure – the OLEDs Go! competition has given us just a glimpse of the potential yet to be realized with OLED technology.

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