LG Display x Musinsa:
Transparent OLED trendiness

Whenever a space becomes trendy among the MZ Generation – a Korean term combining millennials and Generation Z – it is generally because it offers something new that they have not encountered before.


LG Display has been seeking such spaces to introduce its Transparent OLED technology. A case in point  can be found in Hongdae, a popular neighborhood among students in Seoul – and since May, it has been home to Musinsa Standard, the first offline store of Korea’s biggest online fashion mall.


So, how does the store look through Transparent OLED displays?


▲ Visitors to Musinsa Standard are given a Transparent OLED greeting in front of the store’s window display. Two panels are uniquely arranged to show the upper and lower body of the model separately, drawing attention to both.


▲ Another large Transparent OLED display is located within the men’s fashion section on the first basement floor. The effect of on-screen models wearing the same clothes as surrounding mannequins creates the impression of an augmented reality fashion show. Even though these large OLED products are placed in the middle of the store, they are transparent and so the space still feels open.


▲ Colorful media art embroiders this Transparent OLED display. This work was actually created in collaboration with BTS music video art director ‘Roomfence’ and it adds an extravagant atmosphere to the store.


▲ Upstairs we find another Transparent OLED, itself a next-generation display, presenting the futuristic and trendy brand image the MZ generation is looking for. When artwork is displayed on the Transparent OLED screen, it acts as an in-store decoration. Then when an image of the clothing worn by a mannequin is shown, it gives the feeling of a real model demonstration. Again, there is no compromise on the sense of space despite the position of the display, because it is transparent.


▲ Here we see how Transparent OLED displays can be both futuristic and highly practical. With this panel seamlessly blending in with its surroundings, shoppers can browse at the same time as seeing how clothing fits the moving model before deciding whether to try on items for themselves.


▲ This shot effectively demonstrates how products are clearly visible beyond the Transparent OLED display, which boasts a high transmittance of 40%. This offers a cool, open ambience that would not be possible if the same space was obscured by regular screens.


▲ Despite that high transmittance, on-screen images and color expression are very clear with Transparent OLED technology.


▲ The texture and delicate expression of the on-screen image are palpable here, confirming the exceptional picture quality presented by Transparent OLED.


▲ Transparent OLED displays are paper-thin when viewed from the side. This is possible because OLED’s advanced technology is packed within its own pixels.


It is easy to see how LG Display’s Transparent OLED panels have filled an offline clothing store with innovative flourishes. The various displays perfectly complement the store, maximizing the value of its space.


LG Display commercialized its 55-inch full HD Transparent OLED with 40% transparency in 2019. Since then, the company has been expanding its Transparent OLED applications to store windows, signage, public transport, self-driving cars, and even aircraft.


With Transparent OLED, what might have first seemed to be a luxurious curiosity is becoming part of our daily lives. Perhaps you can head down to Hongdae on your next visit to Seoul to check out this technology for yourself!

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