LG Display shines
at Display Week 2021

With LG Display winning a trio of awards at Display Week 2021, presented by the Society for Information Display (SID), it seems a good time to highlight the products that shone.


This year’s Display Week, the world’s leading event for display innovations, was an all-virtual affair due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was fitting that displays became even more important as thousands of people, including industry insiders and experts, enjoyed the event via screens worldwide for five days in mid-May.


So, which LG Display innovations particularly caught their attention?



Display of the Year


Display Week 2021’s highest honor went to LG Display’s 65-inch Rollable OLED TV. The Display of the Year award is presented to the most innovative product that looks set to shape the display industry’s future.


▲ LG Display’s 65-inch Rollable OLED TV won Display Week 2021’s highest honor. (Credit : LG Display)


The Rollable OLED TV keeps gaining fans because it offers so much both in terms of picture quality and design versatility. In the first place, this is only possible thanks to OLED technology being free from the constraints of a backlight unit – OLED’s self-emissive nature combined with ultra-thin glass allows panels to be rolled up and down repeatedly without breaking.


LG Display’s 65-inch Rollable OLED TV features a new state-of-the-art design, with the panel folding into an elegant base. Unlike conventional screens, the Rollable OLED TV is free from space constraints. In other words, it can blend seamlessly with its surroundings when rolled up, allowing valuable room space or a beautiful window view to be unobstructed – but when needed, the TV can unroll as a large display providing unmatched picture quality.


People’s Choice Awards

Just two years ago, Display Week added the People’s Choice Awards to its program to give attendees the chance to vote for their favorite exhibits and products. This year, LG Display won awards in two of the four People’s Choice Awards categories: Best New Display Component and Best Technology Demonstration. The achievement was all the more impressive because there were over 10,000 votes cast.


Winning the Best New Display Component, the 1CG MD (one cover-glass multi-display) P-OLED is an ultra-large automotive display. As car manufacturers continually compete over more advanced displays and infotainment systems, P-OLED technology offers superior design through its flexibility as well as unrivaled picture quality. The pioneering 1CG MD P-OLED maximizes the advantages of this technology with a 4-in-1 display, combining four displays into one T-shape form and representing the most advanced automotive display technology.


▲ LG Display is continuously innovating to create even better OLED TV displays, which have no need for a backlight because they feature self-emissive technology. (Credit : LG Display)


Last but not least – in fact far from least in size – LG Display’s 83-inch OLED TV won in the Best Technology Demonstration category, proving that OLED innovations continue to march onwards. With its 20% improvement in luminous efficiency earning rave reviews, this 83-inch panel brings brightness along with its vast size, maximizing the expression of color and contrast to produce a more vivid and natural picture. “The 83-inch OLED display, newly developed in 2021, is the most representative product with improved luminance improvement technology,” said Jang Ji-hyang, senior research engineer at LG Display.


▲ The OLED difference is clear when compared with an LCD panel. (Credit : LG Display)


Superior event for superior displays

Despite the exclusively online platform for this year’s Display Week, it lost none of its luster. Global attendance exceeded 10,000 for the first time in this 58th edition of the event.


What makes Display Week so special is that it is the world’s leading event focusing on emerging electronic display and visual information technologies from concept to market. Attendees come from every aspect of the display ecosystem, from R&D and engineering to manufacturing and marketing.


SID itself is the only professional organization focused on the electronic display and visual information technology industries. The organization provides an unparalleled platform for collaboration, communication, and training.


Look out for our next Display Week feature in which we will look at some of LG Display’s past successes at the prestigious event.


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