[SID 2023] Discover Tomorrow’s Displays! A Virtual Trip into LG Display’s SID 2023 Booth

A six-hour drive south from Silicon Valley, Los Angeles welcomed display industry leaders, trend-setting innovators, and the international community’s brightest minds as the city played host to the world’s largest and most influential display event ‘SID 2023’ at the renowned Los Angeles Convention Center. While the trade show buzzed with various technical symposiums and exhibitions, LG Display joined in on the action with a captivating array of display solutions, showcasing the company’s visionary leadership and competitiveness.

Under the slogan ‘Experience Tomorrow Beyond Today,’ LG Display showcased its cutting-edge display concepts and products divided into three zones: Beyond TV, Beyond Flat, and Beyond Display.

The future of display on the horizon

The LG Display booth catches attention upon entering the Los Angeles Convention Center, enticing visitors with a range of OLED solutions. Inside the booth, attendees come together to experience the unique blend of creativity and technology, vividly encountering ‘The Future of Display’.

Premium OLED flexes its muscle from entertainment to gaming

In the first zone, Beyond TV, the epitome of LG Display’s premium OLED is presented through its third-generation OLED ‘META Technology’. In addition, the zone features gaming solutions equipped with its latest OLED technology. Experience the breathtaking combination of META Technology and 8K resolution in the 77-inch 8K OLED. LG Display’s gaming expertise shines in the 45-inch WQHD OLED and the 27-inch QHD OLED delivers unparalleled visual immersion.

77-inch 8K OLED.gif
45-inch WQHD OLED (left), 27-inch QHD OLED (right)

Foldable or Rollable, a journey toward new displays

The next stop on our tour is the Beyond Flat Zone, where you will encounter displays that go beyond the boundaries of conventional form factors. ‘Foldable P-OLED’ can effortlessly fold and unfold the screen in a 360-degree range, the ‘Rollable Display’ can conveniently roll up, and the ‘Bendable OLED’ offers optimized curvature settings by bending the display.

17-inch Foldable OLED (left), 8.03-inch 360-degree Foldable OLED (right)
18-inch Rollable Display.gif
45-inch Bendable OLED.gif

Expanding the boundaries of displays

Our final destination is the Beyond Display Zone, where LG Display’s pioneering display solutions blur the lines of what defines a display. From the free-form ‘Stretchable Display’ to the ‘OLEDoS’ for unparalleled AR experiences, the immersive ‘15.6-inch Light Field’ that breathes life into 3D images, and the ‘13.7-inch Transparent OLED in-TOUCH’ that seamlessly combines instant touch functionality with a sleek appearance, LG Display’s definition of next-generation future displays can be found here!

12-inch Stretchable Display.gif
0.42-inch OLEDoS.gif
15.6-inch Light Field 3D (left), 13.7-inch Transparent OLED in-Touch (right)

‘Best of SID’, Stretchable Display & Large sized OLED

At SID 2023, LG Display unveiled a range of cutting-edge display technologies that received high praise from diverse attendees including industry experts and academic professionals. Among the notable exhibits, the 12-inch Stretchable display showcased remarkable innovation and exceptional versatility. Additionally, LG Display’s third-generation OLED TV panel which garners unrivaled expertise in large-scale OLED technology proudly received the “People’s Choice Award,” further elevating LG Display’s accomplishments.

SID 2023 was a great opportunity for LG Display to showcase the display technologies of tomorrow beyond today. Stay tuned to our newsroom for more news regarding this year’s SID, as well as future updates on LG Display’s exciting innovations!

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