[2023 OLED Korea Conference]
Transforming Lifestyles: The Exciting Future of Transparent OLED

On April 13, UBI Research’s ‘OLED Korea Conference’ brought industry experts to Central Park Hotel in Songdo, Korea, to share their insights into the latest display trends. Min-kyu Jin, the Division Leader of Marketing Operations Division at LG Display, was there to deliver a keynote speech on the unique advantages of its emerging Transparent OLED, as well as the technology’s transformative potential as a revolutionary display solution ready to change our daily lives in various ways. Let’s delve deeper into the transparent technology that took the conference by storm!

Why is Transparent OLED essential to future displays? Transparent OLED’s uniqueness lies in the light-emitting properties of OLED pixels. LG Display is the only company to have successfully mass-produced 55-inch Transparent OLEDs, which it achieved in 2019 to cement its status as the market’s leading innovator.

As its name suggests, Transparent OLED’s standout feature is its transparency. Its glass-like appearance not only blends seamlessly into any interior, but also allows it to consume less power and generate less heat than traditional displays, making it the eco-friendlier choice. Since Transparent OLED can create new spaces, connect different areas and enhance augmented reality with its unique overlay effects, they’re ideal for conference rooms, retail spaces, digital art, mobility, home entertainment and cultural and entertainment facilities. This one-of-a-kind see-through technology is driving open innovation while creating new possibilities in our daily lives through strategic collaborations across diverse industries. In this article, we explore how this revolutionary technology will transform the way we live.

(1) Workplace: greater openness and efficiency at work

(left) Future office that will be transformed with E-Crystal, (right) Stand Plus

The first area where Transparent OLED changes the game is the ‘Workplace’. Since office spaces are usually divided by partitions and separate meeting rooms, the area can feel somewhat rigid and uninspiring. However, by replacing a few partitions, glass windows and walls with Transparent OLED, the workplace becomes a more open and inviting environment that boasts a refreshing, airy atmosphere. Plus, this transparent display’s ability to express information at the same time as a view not only unlocks a more efficient work environment, but also promotes more flexible work arrangements.

(2) Retail: innovative shopping spaces and experiences

(top left) T-Façade at the “Transparent OLED Exhibition”, (top right) F&B showcase, (bottom left) Smart display installed in the “L’atelier de Paris Baguette” by Paris Baguette, (bottom right) Transparent OLED inside the MUSINSA Standard

Transparent OLEDs can also shine in the retail industry, as they can be utilized to bring the X factor to store entrances and create product showcases that catch everyone’s attention. Transparent OLED technology can transform ordinary show windows into stunning digital art installations or display cases into smart showcases offering a comprehensive view of products along with information, advertisements and videos. Transparent OLED displays are becoming popular in retail spaces as they provide the most immersive shopping experience to date.

(3) Culture & entertainment: the rise of an interactive cultural life

(top left) Magic T-Walk (top right) Transparent OLED floor installed at SM brand marketing flagship store, (bottom left) Transparent OLED Photo Wall at 2022 YCC Party in Guggenheim, (bottom right) Transparent OLED NFT artwork by media artist Refik Anadol

Transparent OLED is remarkably versatile, having also been applied in the Culture and Entertainment field. This piece of tech has let art galleries and museums provide visitors with the ultimate immersive experience. By integrating Transparent OLED into various exhibits, visitors can view and read interactive elements and descriptions so that they can better engage and appreciate the artwork. That’s why dynamic Transparent OLED has become the canvas of choice for the established and up-and-coming artists leading the next generation of media art. With its exceptional picture quality and color accuracy, Transparent OLED is admired by countless top-tier media artists worldwide, many who have already used it to showcase their best work. It’s very possible that “Media art” could one day become synonymous with “Transparent OLED.”

(4) Mobility: Seamlessly integrating environments and information at a glance

(top left) Transparent OLED replacing platform screen doors and windows, (top right) T-Screen Door, (bottom left) Smart Digital Information Desk at InnoTrans 2022, (bottom right) 55-inch Transparent OLED at CES 2023

The next sector being revolutionized by Transparent OLED is “Mobility.” By integrating LG Display’s see-through panels into platform screen doors, train stations can now deliver real-time information such as routes, congestion levels, destinations, and schedules to enhance the travel experience for passengers. Moreover, by replacing the glass windows of cars and trains with Transparent OLEDs, commuters can enjoy looking outside on the countryside as they read the latest news or watch diverse content. Through such achievements, Transparent OLED has the potential to change the definition of trains and cars from means of transportation to spaces providing passengers with immersive experiences on the move.

(5) Home: a smart, sophisticated living environment

(top) Future Home concept completed with Transparent OLED solutions
(bottom left) Transparent OLED Shelf, (bottom right) T-Square

Finally, we head “Home” to see how the adoption of Transparent OLED will make family life better. Displays are a crucial component of any home entertainment system, from the living room TV to the loyal home hub. However, a conventional display’s dull black screen when turned off can harm the room’s décor, which is why Transparent OLED technology offers a better solution for home designers thanks to its ability to blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, creating a harmonious space by eliminating the boundaries between displays and interior design elements. Whether used as a TV, design feature, art gallery or for mood lighting, Transparent OLED lets people design a bright, sophisticated home by getting rid of the “black box” TV dominating the room.

LG Display has presented the unique advantages of Transparent OLED and the new possibilities it brings to five aspects of everyday life. Through innovative partnerships, LG Display plans to strengthen its future business portfolio, pioneer new markets and promote the potential of Transparent OLED to bring about exciting developments in various fields.

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