The Stretchable display: the ultimate next-generation form factor

Over the past few years, the traditional display has evolved into a range of form factors, one by one becoming more innovative and creative than before such as gaming-optimized curved monitors, foldable smartphones and rollable TVs. We’ve so far seen a bunch of displays that were merely imaginative concepts for what the future would look like. But this is only the beginning – displays are going to get more eccentric, flexible, and innovative going forward.

Introducing the Stretchable display – the next-generation display tech that can be freely stretched, folded, and twisted.

‘Stretchable Display’: A stunning surprise

A free-form Stretchable display

Can you imagine taking out a small display from your pocket and enlarging it with the touch of a finger? The Stretchable display plays with this very concept, allowing the user to freely expand, fold, and twist the screen without distortion.

What’s more interesting is that it goes a step further than the other existing form factors like the Bendable, Foldable and Rollable. While these displays are highly innovative, their structures only allow them to change form in one specific way or another. Meanwhile, the Stretchable – able to be changed and shifted in various ways – has the potential to offer a more versatile solution while defying structural limits.

The Stretchable display is the first prototype product of a government-led development project currently being conducted by LG Display. Selected by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(MOTIE) to lead the project back in 2020, LG Display has been working alongside twenty organizations.

The world’s first high-resolution & highly Stretchable display

Stretchable display panel prototype unveiled by LG Display

Not only does it boast a resolution of 100ppi and full-color RGB, the highly flexible Stretchable display is the first to achieve 20% stretchability with the impressive durability and reliability that makes it ideal for commercialization.

The 12-inch display’s stretchiness, which is similar to that of a rubber band, comes from a resilient film-type substrate of a special silicon used in contact lenses which permits it to be stretched 14 inches in any direction.

The display uses a micro-LED light source with a pixel pitch of under 40μm to more than match the impressive picture quality provided by existing monitors, and also boasts a level of durability that comfortably withstands heavy external impacts.

*ppi(pixel per inch) : How many individual pixels are displayed in one inch of a digital image

Unlocking lifestyles without limits

Smart wearable prototype employing Stretchable display technology

LG Display plans to further improve its development process by 2024 to finalize this government project. So what changes will the commercialization of Stretchable displays bring to ordinary consumers?

Stretchable displays are not only thin and light, but also can be attached to curved surfaces such as skin, clothing, and furniture, so they are expected to be widely used in various industries such as wearable, mobility, smart devices, gaming, and fashion in the future.

For example, imagine a fireman or a paramedic with a uniform equipped with a Stretchable display. This could streamline rescue attempts, as it would give them the information they need in real time to accelerate the rescue process. In addition, the Stretchable technology allows the display to ‘shift’ from a flat to button-type screen, perfect for products that require a textured surface such as braille screens

In short, the Stretchable display’s ability to offer maximum versatility is a strong indication of its limitless market potential.

Innovations like the Stretchable are important as it builds a bridge to connect display technology to countless other industries, ultimately providing a more convenient lifestyle for consumers.

LG Display, the company responsible for the magic behind groundbreaking forms such as Rollable, Transparent, and Bendable, will continue to innovate and evolve its display technologies to strengthen its leadership in the global display market.

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