LG Display and the Guggenheim Harness the Magic of Transparent OLED

LG Display kicked off a new five-year initiative with the Guggenheim on June 1 by hosting the Young Collector’s Council (YCC) Party. The lavish event in New York City marked the beginning of LG’s new chapter with the world-renowned museum in pursuit of their long-term LG Guggenheim Art and Technology Initiative.

In our previous post, we offered a taste of the cutting-edge OLED technology infused throughout the party that provided guests with a next-level artistic experience. Now, we’re going to delve a little deeper!

A Global Alliance in Pursuit of Artistic Innovation

Established in 1937, the Guggenheim is a world-famous landmark that houses a wide collection of significant post-modern and impressionist artwork. Easily distinguishable by its iconic spiral-shaped architecture, it’s one of the most famous sites in New York. The museum also holds rich historic and cultural significance, having been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2019.

In addition, the Guggenheim is the venue for the YCC Party, an annual fundraiser for New York’s rising young artists. LG Display has expressed its great honor to host the annual event for the next five years until 2027, and plans to show off its state-of-the-art OLED technology through innovative and memorable experiences to inspire the city’s thriving artistic community.

Enriching the Live Experience with Transparent OLED

Guests were able to enjoy photo opportunities behind LG Display’s Transparent OLED Photo Wall

Let’s take a look at the OLED technology that added a touch of class to the event in unique ways.

LG Display’s iconic Transparent OLED was the star of the show. Nine 55-inch Transparent OLED displays were arranged 3×3 in a square to demonstrate eye-catching video content during the party. This dazzling exhibit was also used as a photozone, providing guests with different photo frames to capture a memorable souvenir of the event.

Transparent OLED’s 40% transparency allows it to create immersive visuals and an aesthetically pleasing interior effect while maintaining excellent quality and clarity.

Sprucing up the Party with OLED Magic

The LG StanbyME lists the drinks menu at the Main Bar

Guests had another taste of OLED at the party’s Main Bar, which employed LG StanbyME to display the drinks menu with digital elegance. Elsewhere, a large 83-inch OLED TV by the DJ Booth took the dance party to a whole new level. And when guests were ready to relax, a special LG OLED Lounge was created on the 3rd floor to offer them some soothing moments of calm.

The Transparent OLED Photo Wall

So, what’s the secret that makes OLED special? This one-of-a-kind technology enables displays to deliver an unmatched experience because of its self-emissive nature. Each pixel operates independently, creating extremely realistic on-screen images that are nearly indistinguishable from reality – known as Natural Reality.

It is this very magic that made the 2022 YCC Party the most unforgettable edition yet for guests, providing everything from interactive content and infotainment to remarkable interior design effects.

Bumpouts light up inside the Guggenheim’s iconic rotunda

LG Display also used the museum’s unique spiral interior to its best advantage. Implementing projected mapping on the Guggenheim’s gorgeous rotunda, the company was able to create a colorful curtain of vivid visuals, waves, and geometric designs.

Guests enjoyed good company, music, art, and drinks along with cutting-edge displays at the YCC Party

Having again shown the artistic potential of its state-of-the-art OLED technology, LG Display aims to open new and unique opportunities for influential artists, collectors, and art specialists through the YCC Party in the coming years. The highly-anticipated LG x Guggenheim initative will seamlessly combine technological expertise with a rich cultural heritage to transform the possibilities of art in line with the digital age.

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